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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 1177d ago | opinion piece

10 Games That Can Give You Over 100 Hours Of Gameplay

"Good health is overrated, but you can't argue with having a good time. That said, there are times when even gaming budgets have to take a hit, so we've compiled a list of games that will offer you as much bang for your buck as possible. Some are old and cost effective, some are new and more expensive, but all of them ought to offer you hundreds of hours of solid gameplay." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

decrypt  +   1177d ago
Teamfortress 2 free to play
Dota 2 free to play
Shogun 2
Star Craft 2
Warcraft 3
Left4dead 2 (can be had for 5usd during a steam discount with all the DLCs).
Torch light 2
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Yukicore  +   1177d ago
Total War : Shogun 2 is probably the best experience I have had with PC gaming, just such beautiful graphics and so many soldiers, and when you zoom in when they are fighting you can actually see them fight, not just run into each other or something, and all their faces and equipment/armor are detailed with fine textures, just beautiful.

If you have a good PC, this game is a must.
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tommygunzII  +   1176d ago
Single player games only. In 7 years I put over 6000 hours into FFXI. Where is the "Games with over 6000 hours" list?
camel_toad  +   1177d ago
A separate page for every game. Site needs hits.

I only clicked far enough to make sure Dark Souls was in the list ;)
Hopefully they included Lost Odyssey as well.
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Donnieboi  +   1177d ago
Also if u have a PS3, u can get Persona 3 FES for only $5 on psn (it's half off this month, as a PS2 classic). That game had me sinking 160 hours into it easily until I beat it. Greatest JRPG of our modern time.
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ddurand1  +   1177d ago
i know sites need to setup these slideshow articles for the hits and revenue, but theyre really cumbersome and tedious and inhibit websites.
Myst-Vearn  +   1177d ago
lazy! I was expecting specific games not entire series
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1177d ago
Borderlands 2 currently over 350 hours...i know that's alot
R6ex  +   1177d ago
Star Ocean: The Last Hope ... 600 hours.
ZBlacktt  +   1177d ago
I plated Skyrim in 19 days. I even had to go back and replay some of it because it had a glitched mission. This was before the first PS3 patch came out to fix it's game save file issue. One of the best games I'd played in a long time. I want some DLC badly.
JoySticksFTW  +   1177d ago
"I want some DLC badly."

I felt sad when you said that. No joke.

I have Oblivion on PS3, but I only get Bethesda games on 360 now.

I really hope the DLC issues for the PS3 get sorted out soon. It sucks that PS3-only owners are still waiting on earlier dlc when new content has been announced for 360.

But as far as the topic goes, I've spent hundreds of hours in Demons' Souls. It's probably my favorite game this gen, and nothing comes close to the time I've spent with it. Not even Dark Souls.

Here's hoping for a Demons' Souls sequel.
sitharrefus  +   1177d ago
Oblivion, Skyrim, GTA and many more.....
Chris558  +   1177d ago
Mortal kombat 9
Faelan  +   1177d ago
According to Steam, I got 552 hours out of X3: Terran Conflict.
beerkeg  +   1176d ago
I've sunk plenty of time into it myself, not quite as much as you though lol. It's one of those games that requires some time and patience to get to grips with.

Very rewarding once you do though. Excellent game, can't wait for the next one.
dazbobaby  +   1177d ago
Skyrim for PS3 was a joke. It'll take 100 hours to complete at 0fps
MasterCornholio  +   1177d ago
Yep i still have horrible memories of the freezes i used to get every time i entered the water.

If the developers cant make the game playable on the PS3 then they shouldn´t even bother releasing it on Sonys console.

I was worried that Dishonored might end up the same way but im glad it didn´t.
izumo_lee  +   1177d ago
Any NIS game like Disgaea, Phantom Brave, Mugen Souls for example. I spent over 600hrs on the original Disgaea...good times!
superterabyte  +   1177d ago
Gram turismo 5 deserves a spot on this list. I really don't know why racing and sports games aren't given any recognition from so called gaming sites
StreetsofRage  +   1177d ago
If you don't include multiplayer, than you don't find many. Skyrim is probably the only one I can think of. I loved Fallout 3 and played all the DLC and spent around 80 hours on it.
Hicken  +   1176d ago
Most ANY JRPG(the vast majority of which are singleplayer) would count. Especially those by ATLUS and NIS. Any SMT game- Persona or otherwise- any Atelier game- or Mana Khemia, for that matter- any Ar Tonelico game- though the third one was rather cheesy- any Disgaea game, and so on. Even the much-maligned FFXIII is capable of a good 80 hours in one playthrough.

Most sports games, including racing games like Gran Turismo, are also capable of 100+ hours in a single playthrough.

I'd rather play any of the games mentioned, plus a few dozen others, than the laggy, buggy mess called Skyrim.

Just saying.
ExCest  +   1177d ago

(Or any game, if you're crazy enough to play something like Windowsill for 100 hours.)
josephayal  +   1177d ago
Valkyria Chronicles? FF13?
kupomogli  +   1176d ago
Have you actually played Valkyria Chronicles? Very short game. Good, but short.

You might be able to get 100 hours out of FF13, but who would want to. As a Final Fantasy fan, I wanted to like this game, just like I wanted to like many of the other recent Square Enix offerings that also sucked. Definitely not the same two companies I was once a fan of, with FF13 has been the worst game they've released in a long time.
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kupomogli  +   1176d ago
Chrono Trigger is a good game, but over 100 hours of gameplay is such bs. With all sidequeests complete and the acquisition of every ending, you'd be hard pressed to even get 40 hours.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1176d ago
I ploughed over 200 hours into Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Great game and even bigger shame that a second game looks unlikely.
C_Menz  +   1176d ago
World of Tanks provides 1000+ hours of gameplay before obtaining everything you can unlock.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   1176d ago
I have been replaying Left4Dead lately on 360. That game has limitless replay value and is so much fun with a good squad.

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