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IGN-Hitman Absolution Review

IGN:For a game built upon the concept of slipping by unnoticed, Hitman: Absolution is certainly doing the opposite. It’s standing conspicuously amongst today’s fad-driven modern shooters and me-too multiplayer hopefuls, middle fingers extended. A slow-paced, single-player focused sneak ’em up, Absolution looms in stark opposition to many of the most pervading trends in gaming today. It cares not for the overly delicate, their minds rendered dull and flabby after years of being prodded through corridors blasting anything that breathes. Absolution delights in letting players skulk through it expending few bullets at all. It’s a game that wants to let you think for yourself. (Hitman: Absolution, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 9.0/10

Pandemic  +   517d ago
Quite a few mixed reviews. Sounds like its a game that will need to be judged by the players themselves rather than relying on reviews.
Chuk5  +   517d ago
Agreed. But I decided to forgo hitman for far cry 3. Hopefully I made the right choice.
Hydrolex  +   517d ago
I want to pass every mission without any gun battles ! A TRUE Hitman style
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Hydrolex  +   517d ago
those graphics are not so good. AKA new consoles better come out

Happy I'm playing it on my high end PC :-)
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Tvensky  +   516d ago
I will play it without shooting a bullet! ;) and you should if you like hitman games!
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KwietStorm  +   516d ago
Isn't that how it works?
darkziosj  +   516d ago
Graphics whores everywhere.
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NeXXXuS  +   516d ago
-insert woody and buzz meme here-
Kingdom Come  +   517d ago
The game, to me, looks fantastic. Looking forward to stepping back into the shoes of Agent 47.
riddick33  +   517d ago
Can't wait for this, in know i won't see the sun again for months when i get the game.
Mocat  +   516d ago
months i think you mean days
Army_of_Darkness  +   516d ago
Unemployed are we?? ;-)
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seanpitt23  +   517d ago
Well I have been playing it a couple of days now and you will not be dissapointed the graphics and gameplay are spot on and Iam liking the story but it's so hard not to go in all guns and blazing because it's so much fun to wipe everyone out but you lose points but I will give it a 9/10
sGIBMBR  +   517d ago
Would you say it's more than a 1 play through game?
seanpitt23  +   517d ago
Yes deffo there's so many ways to do it and so many things to do I mean the way I have gone about it it's less stealth more full on but the next play through will be more stealth
sGIBMBR  +   515d ago
Thanks for the info :) I'll be deffo picking it up in the morning! I think I was already decided even if it was a 1 play through game anyway, just glad to hear it's even more value for money!
Hasanhastam  +   517d ago
They review it as regular game not as hitman game. Disguising and sandbox level was key of hitman games that one is imperfect and other removed.
Merrill  +   517d ago
This review is hard to take seriously after watching the Gametrailers and Gamespot review and all the annoyances they points out.

I can't take IGN's reviews seriously. They give out way too many 9+. Almost everything they play is a classic apparently.
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rocky047586  +   517d ago
If you READ the Gamespot Review it easily read as an 8.5-9 review instead of the 7.5 it received. Looking at the video is one thing but actually reading what he liked and didn't like was far better.
trouble_bubble  +   516d ago
Not even just GT and GS...but PC Gamers, Inc Gamers, VideoGamer, Eurogamer, Edge, Machinima etc that all make the same points about the broken checkpoint/save system and the sacrifice of open world freedom for a linear, bad narrative. Sometimes where there's smoke, there's fire. Not sure what to think right now.
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STONEY4  +   516d ago

This pretty much sums the game up.

I can't take IGN's review seriously either if it has this many problems.
oIITSBIIo  +   517d ago
Now this is a good score =]
GTRrocker666  +   517d ago
Great review. Seems like he is a Hitman fan and knows what to expect.

Hitman games always get mixed reviews. Look at the older games. They always get lower than an 8. Doesnt mean those games arent great though. I think Absolution will be the best one yet.
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PersonMan  +   517d ago
Never played a Hitman game in my life. I'll probably like this one then.
josephayal  +   517d ago
Best linear game ive ever seen..... Want
FrostyZipper  +   516d ago
Quite a lot of games recently which have received a very mixed reception. Whatever happened to the days when almost every reviewer site and magazine agreed on whether or not a game was good or not?
GraySnake  +   516d ago
Everyone questions the integrity of the reviewer, and also a negative score for a Hyped game = hits on the page.
Ricdog  +   516d ago
Screw Assassin's Creed 3!!! 47 is back
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bunfighterii  +   516d ago
I'll buy this and judge for myself. I have owned every hitman game going back to when the first one came out in 2001 when I was a kid. I played the absolute hell out of it, doing mission after mission over and over.

From what I've read there's a few levels in this that aren't in strictly keeping with the hitman formula, but they still retain the classic Hitman play for most of the game. Plus with the other games there were levels that forced you to play guns blazing for narrative, or gave you very little options on how to do a contract.

And save points? From what I remember they never existed in the hitman series. You die, you restart from what I remember. Either way I'm really looking forward to getting this tomorrow afternoon!
Shane Kim  +   516d ago
I've every hitman game too so I just can't miss on this one.

And you're right about the save points, there never were any..instead you got x amount of saves depending on what difficulty you played. I think this is going to be aswesome, yeah it maybe is more linear but after watching the Library and the Streets of Hope gameplay I just couldn't get my eyes off it.
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fresh2death93  +   516d ago
getting this.... once its 39.99! , i just don't think its worth 60$. A game like this is a game I'll just trade after i finish it.
akiraburn  +   516d ago
I'm not sure if you're planning on getting it for PC or console, but if you are considering grabbing it for PC, I can tell you that I got my copy of the "Professional Edition" pre-ordered from GreenManGaming for about $32. They give you a Steam activation code, so its basically the same as pre-ordering it on Steam, but at a much reduced price. Right now you should be able to pre-order it for about the same cost or at least close to it. It is at $45 right now, but there is a 20% off promo code you can use right on the site, or a specific 35% off code you can get from their blog page. Feel free to PM me if you need any more info about this place.
fresh2death93  +   516d ago
im currently saving up to make my own pc , my current pc only has 488 video card memory , 2gb of ram and 2.70ghz, i cant even upgrade my video card because the case i have is too small to upgrade anything :/. For now I'll get it for ps3
akiraburn  +   515d ago
No problem man, I know how it is. My current build is about 4-5 years old, so I've eagerly been awaiting Black Friday sales to take advantage of the PC hardware sales in order to get something a bit more solid and relevant. If you're interested in saving a lot of hardware, I think your best bet will probably be this Friday. Either way, if you need any help with that, feel free to PM me.

On topic, I really do have high hopes for this. I'm an oldschool Hitman fan, actually since just a couple weeks after the first game released. Its a wonderful franchise that up until now hasn't seen any attention this generation. Whatever platform its played on, I hope that it turns out well and it will breathe some further life into it for even more quality games in the future.
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Max-Zorin  +   515d ago
Why is it that on every article about a game review it's that one person gloating about PC graphics?
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