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GT: Does Agent 47 have any hits left in him, or should this killer have remained underground? Check out the GT Review of Hitman: Absolution for the full report.

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Hellsvacancy2192d ago

Im sooooo glad David Bateson was brought back to voice 47

DarkSymbiote2192d ago

Maybe I'll skip this one for the time being.

iamnsuperman2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

I can't judge this game from this review. The review seem to use clever tricks to give the impression of stupidity in the way it was built. Like crouching with a bear suit on and constantly switching the weapon out (i.e. it was used for effect and seems to show one side of the game). Also a lot of this footage involves Agent 47 shooting his way out and the best way to play a Hitman game is with stealth. I think it is best to see what the general view is from other publication because I am finding GT are becoming more untrustworthy with there reviews and often more random (on a side point I am glad this review is 10 minutes long because lately they seem to be doing 3 minute reviews and thinking that is enough to review a game and it really isn't. GT have fallen in my opinion when it come to their reviews).

Blacktric2192d ago

"The review seem to use clever tricks to give the impression of stupidity in the way it was built."

Yes. They sure are trying to trick you. Especially if you consider that is plastered with Absolution ads.

wanieldiik2192d ago

Damn. Oh well, I'll play it for myself and judge if it's good or not. Doubt that it will be bad by any means.

Nightfallen2192d ago

Seems like this game is best of preference seeing how the reviews are all over the place.

seanpitt232192d ago

I have played it for 2 days now and it's by no means a 6.9 its more like a 8.5/9 out of 10

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