Shacknews' GDC 2008 Preview: What We're Excited About

From the article:

"After a period of grueling preparation, the ShackStaff is invading San Francisco this week for the annual Game Developers Conference. Like Genghis Khan before us, we will sweep across the booths and lecture halls, cutting down the hordes of gaming vendors and lecture panelists, dissecting them for the populace at large.

In short, we're going to see a lot of games, and a lot of game-makers.

On the corporate show-off side of things, we'll have the chance to check out a diverse offering of upcoming titles, from Street Fighter IV to Battlefield Heroes, Postal 3 to Fallen Empire: Legions, Prototype to Too Human."

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MK_Red3660d ago

Too Human, Postal 3 and Prototype = Special ones to watch for me. (Postal is a personal fave of mine so...)

Also, sad to see no special program for Bethesda or Fallout 3 :(

mintaro3660d ago

playbale demo of too human?

RAF-TECH3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

takes my breath away

Premonition3660d ago

I forgot all about too human, for some reason i keep getting mixed up with mass effect, and wasnt too himan suppose to be out like a while back?