Crystal Kay kicks Final Fantasy VIII's "Eyes on Me" in the gut at Distant Worlds concert

RJP writes: Japanese pop singer Crystal Kay performed Final Fantasy VIII's "Eyes on me" last Friday at the Royal Albert Hall. And I was there.

Crystal did an amazing job of the song. "Eyes on me" is one of the most famous and well known Final Fantasy vocal pieces and one which fans hold in the highest regard. So for Crystal to shoulder this and knock the performance out of the park is not to be overlooked or taken lightly. Faye Wong has her fans and rightly so. But Crystal out did her for me in this performance. The second Crystal crooned the words "Whenever sang my songs..." I got chills in that hall. And when I listen to the performance now, I get the same.

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kingPoS2218d ago

I already knew CK was a great singer, now more people know of that too.

Great voice & good looks! whats not to like about her.

cleft52218d ago

Wow, just wow. Makes me want to play the game.

sashimi2218d ago

I am playing the game on my Ps Vita :)

Unlimax2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

That was pretty epic *nerdgasm* lol .

MidnytRain2217d ago

Black + Korean = *drools*

Unlimax2217d ago

Its Japanese obviously .. !

MidnytRain2217d ago

Japanese is her nationality. Her mother is supposedly Korean.

Unlimax2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Will that's explain alot .. thanks for the info didn't knew that her mother is korean till you said that right now .. all i knew from Jpop is Angela Aki ,Perfume , Utada , Ayumi , Capsule , Buono! , AAA and other Jpop artists !

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