Black Ops II's Ending Sure Was Terrible (For Me)

Kotaku: Stephen made a great point earlier in the week when he compared Black Ops II to, of all things, Mass Effect. The way the game is punctuated with moments that can re-shape an entire experience with a single decision is an unexpected and welcome move for a series that's so often criticised for being little more than a roller-coaster with explosions.

Its just a shame the execution didn't pan out as well as the intent.

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SolidStoner2135d ago

my black ops 2 start is terrible for me (on my shutting off every 30 min. ps3) , I dont even talk about ending!

kaozgamer2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I completely forgot about how bad my ending was after I watched the video that was put on after the credits lol

rbluetank2135d ago

i haven even got to the campaign yet! lol i just started with the mp and haven left yet.

JellyJelly2135d ago

It's a shame that most reviews don't bring up stuff like this. We always find out a week later when it comes to COD games. I've heard that the bullet detection is horrible as well.

Sometimes makes you wonder if some outlets write their reviews with 'overseeing guidance' from Activision.

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