A Galaxy of Apathy – Why I Will Not Be Buying Mass Effect 4

"I can say unequivocally and without any hesitance or potential reconsideration that I have absolutely no intention of buying Mass Effect 4. The reasons for this are many, so I will list only the three most predominant ones. In essence, though, it all goes back to the core foundations on which the series was built, and the promises and reasonable assumptions on which I and so many others developed an attachment to it." thumbACTIVE

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CptFalcon2134d ago

Jesus christ.
There are no details known and there is complain article already.
I have my doubds but i always wait for more information before making ridiculous conclusions.

Megaton2134d ago

The past is prologue, as they say.

cleft52134d ago

Gotta love how stupid some people are for hating on something that isn't even out yet. No matter what the folks at Bioware do, some people will never abandon the hate train.

tgcorke2134d ago

There's a good reason for that.

Godmars2902134d ago

How about stating disinterest in something popular?

Bioware failed to tell a story. Constantly made mistakes which only increased as they made more entries into a presented trilogy. That such is not the majority opinion which only gives them permission to do worse - which is something the minority opinion will only have to deal with in from the entire industry, not just the likely possibility in ME4 - is besides the point.


Hate to break it to you but it's become a pattern. It wasn't JUST ME3 that let people down. They've been doing it, consistently, since Awakening. Where as Bioware being on the label used to mean an instant buy, they've become a "wait and see" and it wasn't all because of EA, either.

MikeMyers2133d ago

Pretty useless article. We know nothing of the direction it's headed or who will be in the cast of characters.

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frozencasket2134d ago

He's certainly entitled to his opinion, but that's where the entitlement ends. Bioware doesn't owe him anything. To be honest, if I was running Bioware, my Extended Cut would've been me giving the middle finger to all of the entitled little babies that get all bent out of shape over a damn video game. It's about the journey, and Mass Effect offered one of the best ever released, despite a few disappointments along the way. To be honest, he's full of crap anyway. Anyone that bought all of the content on all 3 platforms will be pre-ordering ME4 the first chance they get, regardless of how much moaning they do leading up to it.

Locksus2134d ago

Yes, yes. We're approving baww-articles nowadays? Although, come to think of it, it's always been done on N4G.

I still laugh at these people as I always wait for some proper gameplay footage, info and so on to determine whether the game is worth buying or not.

I, personally, loved Mass Effect 3 despite its disappointing ending.

cleft52134d ago

I love ME3 too and I really enjoy the MP. I still play the MP for ME3, they really did something good there.

tgcorke2134d ago

So did I. If you'd read the article, you would have seen that I made my admiration for the vast majority of Mass Effect 3 very clear. You would also have seen that my complaints are that of customer loyalty and technical practicality. Not sure how that counts as 'baww' but if it keeps you feeling secure then so be it.

Locksus2134d ago

"if it keeps you feeling secure then so be it." This statement is kind of stupid as this is certainly not the case. Sure, I get where you're coming from but personally, I buy games that look good to me and worth the price that is asked.

I agree that -EA-, not Bioware, mind you, has been treating the customers badly with the day one DLC and whatnot. But I wouldn't blame Bioware because of it as I'm fairly sure they had little say in the matter. I'd even go as far as to say that ever since Bioware's steady declining is entirely EA's fault.

Hydralysk2134d ago

Whether or not EA made the suggestion, Bioware is the one that went ahead with it. Maybe it didn't have a choice since EA owns them but that doesn't change the fact that quality went down.

Since EA is still in possession of ownership the logically BW situation won't improve. If BW wasn't able to get the ending to it's trilogy to hold up under casual scrutiny, then what possible faith can we have that BW would be able to make ME4 worthwhile? He's talking about how he's lost faith in the developers due to their recent actions, he's not saying ME4 will universally suck, he's saying he has no faith BW can deliver a good narrative based their recent offerings.

You'd know this if you read the article though.

Summons752134d ago

Good everyone should stop buying Bioware games until they can learn that breaking promises and doing everything opposite of what fans want won't make them a good game. DA2 was a rushed mess that was absolutely nothing like DA2, ME2 while good in the story department it was a huge step away from the RPG that everyone fell in love with, ME3 is just a pure 3rd person shooter with a terrible story that dose not count any choices that you made (like promised) a horrible ending with an alternate ending which was still bad and the gameplay was just clunky compared to ME2. They added in multiplayer which wasn't needed and clearly took away from the single player experience. DA3 is already starting to go the path of ME3, they already confirmed a once again unneeded and unwanted multiplayer, No race choices which is what made the experience of DAO so unique, and a promise to make it bigger than DAO and 2 combined (but knowing bioware is notorious for breaking promises we shouldn't hold our breath) and they will most likely make the combat like 2 (which was bad enough to start) or worse.

The founders quit, the best writers they had quit, a lot of the original development staff quit...all that bioware has now are the goonies that ruined DA2 and ME3 that are trained by EA to only care about money and not the fans.

cleft52134d ago

All aboard the Bioware hate train. No charge for mindless sheep that don't think for themselves. First stop, EA is evil headquarters, second stop Bioware has no soul building. Come on now, all the sheep aboard.

Obviously this is sarcasm at the expense of people that hate on a company or game developer simply because it is cool to do. Then when another game developer does the same thing they pretend it is okay because that company is cool. Think for yourself people. If something is bad than judge it as so because you think it is bad, not because everyone else in the group hates it.

Hydralysk2134d ago

Gee and this whole time I thought I was pissed at Bioware for broken promises and shoddy writing!

Thank God I had you to tell me that I'm only copying what other people say. Otherwise I'd of been under the impression that the poorly constructed ending was the reason people were annoyed!

TotalSynthesisX2134d ago

> Makes 3 great games
> One of them had a disappointing ending

Cool logic, bro.

Personally, I will buy ME4 as long as it looks to be worth buying. You know, like a normal unspoiled gamer that enjoys playing games more than threatening the games' developers that I won't be buying the sequel because I didn't like a certain aspect of one of the prequels.

Hydralysk2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

When the aspect you didn't like about the game is how they handled the narrative in a game that sells itself on it's storyline, yeah that's a valid concern. The shooting was ok but nothing special, I played ME3 for the story. If the writers show me in the final scene of the trilogy, the climax, that they are no longer paying attention to their own narrative, then what possible reason do I have to assume that they're able to make a compelling narrative with all new characters? They've already been shown that anyone who raises concerns about about obvious plotholes are labeled as "whiny" or "entitled" so what reason do they have to make the effort when people will vehemently defend whatever they come up with?

Godmars2902134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

+ Makes *5* games (Mass Effect and Dragon Age)That become popular and regarded as great.
+ Botched story/plot elements throughout all.
+ Majorly botched story/plot elements in 3 (ME2/ME3/DA2)
+ Unbelievably botched ME3's ending - to the point fans have made and produced their own.
+ Many of these issues happened after being bought by EA, which has a reputation for making many mistakes.

= ME4/DA3 likely to have botched story/plot elements. Be overly promoted and under produced.
= Not buying ME4 (Never played DA).

THAT is logic.

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