What Cheats and Codes to Expect in GTA 5?

GTA5Cheats explores how cheats and codes have developed with games like GTA and Saints Row and how they can be useful for everyone, not just lazy gamers. Plus they look at what Rockstar might include in GTA 5.

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MultiConsoleGamer2218d ago

Certain cheat codes are really fun. Flying GTA cars anyone? Recruit any civilian? Great stuff.

iamnsuperman2218d ago

Everyone has weapons and everyone hates you. The two best cheats of the series

OneAboveAll2218d ago

Pretty much this. Give peds weapons and Pedestrians riot is my all time favorite.

I hope the cheats are far better than that of GTA 4. Those really let me down.

T9002218d ago

Iron man cheat.. oh wait. Bring on the mods.

bozebo2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

No No No. Lock wanted level, then you get a 9mm, knightstick and a police uniform and hop in a cop car and patrol around looking for nutjob drivers!
I might have done this...

Invincibility was annoying because it only made you immune to bullets, and not the ones from the heli (the one thing you need to not take damage from to have awesome car chases).

(talking about SA in this post, mostly)

cannon88002218d ago

I remember back when San Andreas came out, I would go to my friend's house just so I could use his computer to print the cheat codes. It had like four of five pages full of cheats and hints. It was like Christmas man.

TheModernKamikaze2216d ago

Hahahaha, remember that too, though I had it back to back, but still got like 4 pages!

Wuket2218d ago

Yup the cheats in GTA 4 were rude. They need to bring back the San Andreas style cheats plus make some totally new ones for all the cool new stuff we can do in GTA 5!

creized12218d ago

Cheats from GTA SA and GTA Vice City would be good!

asdavey2218d ago

Dont know about you guys but floating cars cheat was the best ever in my opinion

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