Hottest Upcoming Wii U Titles of 2013

The Most Hottest and Most Demanding Upcoming Game Titles of Wii U 2013

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colonel1792188d ago

The best thing is to wait for E3 to see what they will announce. Right now there are no so exciting games for the Wii U.

Summons752188d ago

Maybe for you but everything on that list is highly exciting except for Colonial Marines which we all know is never coming out since they've be delaying it for YEARS now.

NukaCola2188d ago

I am not 100% sold on a day one buy. I think I am going to wait until tax time to pick one up so I can also get an external HDD and a couple f motionplus controllers to go along with it. Also, I still have a bunch of games to play and some coming up like GTA V, Bioshock, Ni No Kuni, and Last of Us. This will be mine when a true Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc etc title drops. One major no go for me at this time, is this system will never be my primary console. Playstation 3 is and PS4 will be. This, like Xbox 360 will be owned for their exclusives alone. Just my opinion. I assume 360 core gamers feel the same about PS3.

BTW, If the Wii U doesn't have a camera bar like the Wii did, how do motion plus controllers work?

colonel1792188d ago

It does have a sensor bar, and I think it's actually the same one as the wii.

bigfish2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

@ NukaCola - spot on

2188d ago