Wii U RAM has 17GB/s bandwidth

The Wii U is out and some details regarding it's hardware specs are now out. The 2GB of RAM it possesses appears to have 17GB/s, which is lower in comparison to the 360/PS3.

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decrypt1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Dam 17GB/s is nothing really.

PS3 and Xbox 360 have about 25GB/s

Any modern GPU on the PC side costing about 150usd has about 120 - 150 GB/s, High end GPUs which cost around 400usd have a bandwidth around 200GB/s.

In comparison Wii U looks pale.


Sorry my bad:

Console gamers... dont care about graphics.

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Shaman1949d ago

Little correction. PS3 has 25GB/s + 22.4GB/s and 360 has 22.4GB/s + 32GB/s eDRAM (inside eDRAM 256GB/s). Wii U will fail if it has low bandwidth(it seems it does). It has to render second screen too!

dedicatedtogamers1949d ago

News that the brand-new "next gen" WiiU has weaker graphics than a PREVIOUS generation and then of course the excuses come flooding out.

"It's not about graphics! Gameplay is what matters"

Okay, so you're saying that you are more than happy to drop $300+ on a brand-new system with (potentially) more limited graphical capabilities instead of buying much are PS3s and 360s now? $200? $250?

Anyway, Nintendo clearly dropped the ball on this system when it comes to the hardware. There are no excuses.

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neogeo1949d ago

"This is a little disappointing on paper, but I’m not well versed in exactly what these numbers mean."

this says is all. We still need to wait because this could be 100% wrong

Schawk1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Wii U Ram is 55GB/s, i just did a tare down there, I dont have any pics to prove my findings , this is all i can tell you for now, sorry i couldent give anymore evidence than the article in question apart from its 55GB/s so dont worry people

Thepcz1949d ago

its 55TB/s. easy mistake to make

ronin4life1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

That is how his comment comes off man...^,^ lol.

I mean, not to be a jerk Schawk but we can't go off just your word... can you prove it in any way?

joeorc1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I hope so because if your not do not quite your day job.

"its 55TB/s. easy mistake to make"

I hope that was you just being funny, because if you are trying to be a straight shooter on your info do you know what you just wrote?

if you did, you have no idea about hardware because that for consumer electronics would be

in Terabyte's per second throughput:

LOL i mean you would need

The thing scales to 8EB, eight thousand petabytes, and supports from a few dozen servers up to one million. Fujitsu says it enables high-speed parallel distributed processing of very large amounts of read/write transactions from the compute nodes in an X86 HPC cluster.

FEFS can be configured with 10,000 storage systems delivering what Fujitsu claims is the world's highest throughput of 1 TB/sec. The file-system can create several tens of thousands of files per second. Its metadata management is up to three times faster than basic Lustre, according to Fujitsu.


i mean even if you were talking about network connections:

currently the highest speed right now!

The beam is then transmitted over open space (just one meter in this case), and untwisted and processed by the receiving end. 2.5 terabits per second is equivalent to 320 gigabytes per second, or around seven full Blu-ray movies per second.


Thepcz1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

no i'm dead serious, i just dont have any pics to prove it.

The 55TB/s allows the wiiu to render the universe and its entire contents in photo realism and real time.

The movie avatar by james cameron was actually rendered in real time on an early build wiiu dev kit.

Prometheus, the movie, was rendered in real time on finished wiiu hardware. so that gives you an idea of what the wiiu is capable of.

hope that helps :)

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