Nintendo Wii U eShop launches with 22 games, complete lineup revealed

Take a look at the complete Nintendo Wii U eShop launch lineup.

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MultiConsoleGamer2222d ago

They're taking digital distribution very seriously.

Off and running right out of the gate.

Now where's my Virtual Channel?

iamnsuperman2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Well they have to really to stay relevant. It has only been recently that big games get a download option as standard. I am not sure if third parties would like Nintendo's new system if they weren't allowed to sell digital copies as well at full retail price. Digital is where content is eventually going (I know not many people are liking this but it will happen)

GuruStarr782221d ago

I have to disagree; "all prices are the same as retail" is a big misstep on Nintendo's part.... why would I pay full retail for a downloaded game when I can buy the physical copy with a case, book and disk and the ability to re-sell or borrow?

I know Nintendo does this for the 3DS as well, hopefully they'll eventually 'get it' and price them lower.... it's not smart business, and I for one, will never buy a retail release via download if I have the option to buy it physical for the same price...

Nevers0ft2221d ago

When you purchase titles on the eShop you do get credit towards other eShop purchases if you bought the premium pack (I think it's 10% but don't quote me on that). I agree though, it's not quite a sweet enough deal when you factor in discounts at retail and the fact that you can trade the physical copies in. I'll be all over the WiiUWare titles like a bad rash though, so the eShop will still have plenty of opportunities to empty my wallet :)

WiiUalpha2221d ago

Lol. Nintendo lets devs set their own prices ans when they have sales.... not sure why u r singling out Nintendo when every company does the exact same thing. Go look on steam or is same as retail....nice try though but try harder to find something valid next time