Joystiq impressions: Spore (PC/Mac)

Joystiq's Zack Stern shares his impressions:

"At a recent Spore demo, I spent four hours seeing and playing the game. I can normally sum up an in-development game in a half-hour, but I frantically took notes that whole time. I gorged on Spore, like a starving hiker stumbling into an alpine restaurant. So this was what all the excitement was about.

Even after watching and playing Spore to the point of delirium, I still had more questions. There was even more I didn't see. But I was so full that I figured if I never heard anything about Spore again, I'd be satisfied."

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mintaro3801d ago

ive been waiting a long time for spore......

Engineer3801d ago

I'm a little worried about the whole user-created content section though. It's a great concept.. having users create the universe and populate it with their creatures, I'm just worried we'll get a lot of the exact same creature or just a lackluster attempt. Not everyone will be as worried about how cool their creature is as I am sure to be.