Vindictus: Season 2; Land Ho | MMOsite Preview

MMOsite writes: Vindictus Season 2 is now on its way to the game as of today. I woke up from sleep just to be unable to login and check out their site and go yeay! Vindictus Season 2 is officially being patched in right now.

The theme is... you guessed it!

Pirates, Jungles, Caribbean. Savagery.

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Snookies122190d ago

That girl... NEEDS a new shirt... o_o

You know what? Nevermind, just leave it like that lol!

ProjectVulcan2188d ago

Nevermind that, she got her arm amputated in the third picture! Poor gal

Bimkoblerutso2188d ago

MMO not doing well?

Why not strip the girls down a bit?

Heavenly King2188d ago

The artist is really good. He/she respects women proportions very well.

I say this because there are some artists that make the shoulders to big, or the hips to thin, and because of that the woman looks like a dude. In order to maintain adequate women proportions the hips need to be as wide as the shoulders or a bit more.

I love women with women proportions :D

vortis2188d ago

He's missing a back shot.