9.0 - Wii U Console Review puts Nintendo's brand new console under the microscope and asks whether it's worth the money.

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1upgamer992219d ago

I love how sites are reviewing a Console that does not even have all of its amenities available. Then calling it a finished review. IGN calls it a Review in progress.

camel_toad2219d ago

Speaking of the amenities, when are they supposed to be fully up and running? Picking mine up in a couple of hours and just wondering how long it may be before all of the other goodies start showing up.

ClydeRadcliffe2219d ago

All the amenities for launch ARE now available, and have been since 9pm EST last night. Anything added down the line will be reviewed independently as an addition. The console is now available for purchase, so the review reflects what people are buying.

1upgamer992219d ago

Really? All of the amenities are AVAILABLE? REALLY????
Really?? LMAO, NO you are wrong. Also let me ask you is Nintendo TVii available? Really???? Uh, you are WRONG.

ClydeRadcliffe2219d ago

No, Nintendo TVii isn't available until December. Do you propose nobody reviews what people are buying until then? Or how about we wait a year before we review it? Or, how about we do the sensible thing and REVIEW THE THING PEOPLE ARE PAYING GOOD MONEY FOR?

josephayal2219d ago

Wii u is the perfect console

2219d ago