Wii U Impressions Episode 6: Wii Menu and Games

On this final episode of our Wii U Impressions for the big update on Wii U. It is time to consider the Wii Menu.

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candybooty2016d ago

Bye bye Wii, not like I was using it much anyways

Yodagamer2016d ago

I still use it to this day, i think i'm one of the few that still do, i have a huge back catalog of gamecube, wii, and wiiware games still. It's a cheap console to buy awesome games for XD

osiris2016d ago

it sucks though that the Wii U doesn't upscale. Would have been nice to play my Wii games on good resolution or should I say better!

teezanpleez2016d ago

this looks so freaking esy to use ..... !!!!

BigTonytheDon2016d ago

I can see myself on the wii u much more often than when I owned the original wii.

DevilRebellion2016d ago

I can't believe it's finally out! My body is ready! Anyone else getting? :D

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