Wii U Review: The Future Is in Good Hands | Gizmodo

Gizmodo: "Nintendo isn't afraid of different. It has thrown more crazy stuff at the wall—and gotten more of it to stick—than anyone. The Wii U is Nintendo's opinion of what's next."

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Moonman2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U!!!!!! :)

"For what it's worth, Zombie U is strong graphically, and had no graphical slowdown." :)

YoungPlex2096d ago

I trust Gizmodo, they actually know the stuff. Great review!

iamnsuperman2096d ago

I do not know how good Gizmodo are with console reviews but the site is extremely biased towards Apple. Anything that apple has its hands in the reviews are often dubious

Monstar2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I love the design of that controller.

WeAreLegion2096d ago

Sounds like they want it to be Kinect... O_o That's weird. I think both Nintendo and Sony had it right with the combination of motion and buttons. This is taken to a further extent with the Wii U.

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