Spoiler Theater: New Super Mario Bros. U Final Level Playthrough

GameXplain: "Too impatient to finish New Super Mario Bros. U first? Then we've got the hook-up with a full playthrough of the game's last level: The Final Battle. Watch Mario take on Bowser Jr and Bowser himself in this epic match."

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Venox20081978d ago

no way I'm gonna watch this :) I want to play on my own :)

majiebeast1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )


Bowser gets defeated in a really boring bossfight.

1978d ago
jakmckratos1978d ago

OMFG the level designs in every friggin game are almost exactly the same. How are you people so blind??? The formula is never shaken up and in a 2-D game that should be a turn off for people but nope you still shell out $40, $50, and now even $60 for this game because Nintendo knows you people are going to buy it. I hope this is seriously the last time we see one of these "New" Super Mario games and hopefully a fully 3-D beautiful game that breaks the mold and can truly show off the Wii U's power will be announced soon..I'm a huge Mario fan but I can't stand 3 FULLY PRICED GAMES that almost identical games coming out in only a couple years time...2 just months from eachother!

neogeo1978d ago

I will gladly pay $19.99 for this game

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