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Polygon: "With the Wii U, Nintendo wants to retake the living rooms of America — they just don't seem sure how they mean to do it."

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FinalomegaS2191d ago

system review before final release and apps avail?

did they even get the chance to try tvii?

just find it odd to review a system so fast.

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jakmckratos2191d ago

I disagree entirely...they're reviewing it as it is going to be available to the public tomorrow..when it doesn't have TVii or anything like that. They made the choice to release it when they did so he's doing his review as it is.

Maybe what you're looking for is a retrospective a couple months after release when bugs get solved and more things are available but the review has got to be for the people picking one up or tinking about picking one up in the near future

HebrewHammer2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Nintendo chose to release the WiiU without Tvii or immediate online - you need a patch for it.

Reviewers make due with whats available to them. If a consumer picks up a WiiU tomorrow, they want to know this kind of stuff.

Donnieboi2191d ago

Tvii is not a game. Plus their entitled to their opinion. Personally I find wii u underwhelmimg, myself. It's really not all that special. It's just another system with slightly better specs and ports of games I already own. Meh.

iamnsuperman2191d ago

You don't review a game because a couple of months there will be DLC in the future (even if it is free). Reviews are there to inform customers what the product will be like if you pick it up now.

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JonnyBigBoss2191d ago

Ouch. I'm getting one tonight, anyway.

FinalomegaS2191d ago

ive been reading through the websites reviews and they all had the system for a few days and the embargo was lifeted as of 9pm today and the flood came in.

idk about you guys but they are all reviewing exactly what we've all been reading for a few days. they just added a review score :/

since the online update was just added and other features missing. so really this isnt ajything new.

should be: pre-review as it stands. whatever just same stuff over again.

mananimal2191d ago

hmmm, have to what the public thinks upon release.

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