Wii U Has Officially Launched In the U.S

"And today marks the launch of the Nintendo Wii U console over in the North America region of gaming. Nintendo and other retailers have held numerous launch parties for the launch of the device and many millions of fans have been recorded as participating." - Capsule Computers

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masterabbott1712d ago

Oh wish i could get my hands on this right now!

futurefrog1712d ago


JoMO1712d ago

ZOMG, I wish I could afford this... X.x;

Laike1712d ago

I'm curious to see how high the eBay prices shoot up

BigPete79781712d ago

They will most likely be through the roof just as it was with the original Wii.

2pacalypsenow1712d ago

right now one of them is 500 dollars with an hour left

MegaLagann1712d ago

Getting mine in the morning. My body was and forever will be eternally ready.

A picture of Bayonetta? Okay you're just asking for trouble.

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