Wii U Impressions Episode 5: Wii U Chat

Now let us consider Wii U Chat.On Wii U Chat, you find all the friends you have who you can call at any time. Even if your friends are not necessarily on the actual application, when you call them, they will receive a notification and the HOME button on their Gamepad will start ti flash blue.

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BigTonytheDon1624d ago

Lets get it poppin gurrrrllll. Lol this console is da shiznit :p

teezanpleez1624d ago

lol so ur saying that i can chat with my buddys....

nassour1624d ago

technically ya also fully video pretty awesome id say, too bad its not game compatible!

RFornillos41624d ago

may be updated in the future, who knows.

Nefario61624d ago

This chat feature is awesome!

gemugurl1624d ago

and here i thought they'd use skype...

RFornillos41624d ago

can't, Skype is now (partly?) owned by Microsoft.

gemugurl1624d ago

i know a stupid comment by me, what sucks tho is that you cant use it during gameplay...

osiris1624d ago

Come on, seriously? Skype on Nintendo its like saying Mario on PS3

neoMAXMLC1623d ago

I wouldn't go that far. Skype is available on the PS Vita.

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