Does "Dragon Ball Z Budokai" Reach a Power Level of 9000? PureSophistry


"November 2007 - myself and ten other first year university students are in my dorm room that was no larger than a jail cell staring at a 24” monitor that somehow contained numerous kamehamehas, big bang attacks, crushing blows of hyperbolic (time chamber) proportions, and screams of joy from both victors and Super Saiyans powering-up in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3. Accompanying screams of frustration came from neighbours who were trying to study. The winner: sweet victory. The loser: pass the controller to the left. That event to this day is still one of my fondest memories of the Budokai series and video games in general. Budokai 3 became my favourite fighting game to date for the above reason and because I adore DBZ, so it was an exciting prospect when I heard back in July that both Budokai 1 & 3 were being re-mastered in HD for the current generation of consoles like so many PS2 games before it. A lot of nostalgia is infused to this series for me. The remake, however,...

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MattyG1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

The number of DBZ games available, it's over 9000!

OneAboveAll1945d ago

The number of good ones? Not so much... lol

1945d ago
Unztayble1945d ago

I don't think there was any demand for this game. I've never heard of anyone saying "damn! I wish I could get those old Budokais".