Introducing Hulu Video Games

Oscar Rohena "We’ve taken a big first step in feeding the game trailer addiction by bringing you the new Video Games hub on Hulu. You can find it at"

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Godmars2902136d ago

Feels like with this gaming has officially become too popular, meaning that more inventive and experimental titles wont see large budgets.

KangarooSam2136d ago

I don't need a website to watch video game trailers, there's a thing called youtube.

And if I wanted to have discussions with informed gamers I would go to a site tailored for it like this, not one where any person interested in media can spout there opinion. I don't wanna talk to your grandma about how GTA V is inappropriate or anything.

SilentNegotiator2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

"I don't need a WEBSITE to watch video game trailers, there's a thing called YOUTUBE"

While I know what you meant, I still LOL'd.

KangarooSam2136d ago

Haha I noticed that. And I misspelled "their" but for some reason I can't edit it >_> oh well

KwietStorm2136d ago

Introducing Hulu Video Games! Because the internets is not accessible enough.

MooseWI2136d ago

These don't offer real games, it is just trailers and cheats.