Wii U Impressions Episode 2: Nintendo Network and Miiverse Detailed

Now that we have seen WaraWara Plaza, let us move on. Next up, time to discuss Nintendo Network and Miiverse.

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BigTonytheDon2040d ago

Nintendo, you've done it again! :D

-Mika-2040d ago

The reason this is possible is because of the 1GB of ram and the upgraded processor.

Im pretty sure if Sony or MS released their next gen console first. We would of seen an social U.I like this.

BigTonytheDon2040d ago

I wouldn't say a socialU but something similar would be very probable, but it wouldn't even look like this guaranteed.

nassour2040d ago

Actually -Mika- miiverse could have easily been done right now with this current gen given Microsoft and Sony wanting to do it. You have ot admit whether it b e fanboy'ism or anti-Nintendo, they always innovate in their own way.

Jon_Fu_2040d ago

Nintendo won't disappoint! :) all this WiiU news is getting me so pumped!

eagle212040d ago

So organized, looks awesome so far.

teezanpleez2040d ago

i agree with Jon_Fu_ with you full of suprise

Nefario62040d ago

Nintendo better have some great games for the next few months because starting June 2013 the world will know the power of the new Xbox

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