IGN UK previews Race Driver: GRID for DS

IGN UK's Martin Robinson had a chance to play with the DS version of Race Driver: GRID. Here is a snippet from his preview:

"At first glance it's hard to pinpoint what exactly the diminutive racer has been up to in its absence – visually it's very much the same game that came out last September. Indeed, most of the tweaks seem to have taken place under the bonnet, with subtle changes to both the physics and handling. During our hands-on it was hard to ascertain how these small changes will impact the overall experience, and likewise the revised AI is an element that will only reveal itself over extended play – though we can say that the racing on offer is still beyond anything else currently on the DS system. With the handling consigned to the d-pad, GRID on a handheld is never going to have the complexities or delicacies of its house-bound forebears, although it still manages to satisfy."

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