10 Reasons To Buy A Nintendo Wii U Today

Nintendo launches the first new game console in six years with the Wii U on November 18, just before Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season. The new console is guaranteed to be in short supply this year with analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities expecting about 1.5 million hardware units for the U.S.

But at the end of the day, it’s not the $300 or $350 (for the Deluxe set) price point that will dictate Nintendo’s success. It’s the games. Nintendo has 29 games available for its launch, which officially kicks off at the Nintendo World store in New York’s Rockefeller Center with Nintendo President and COO Reggie Fils-Aimes. Below are 10 reasons, or games, to pick up a Wii U, and a video to show you each title in action.

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Myst2190d ago

The main reason for me to buy a Wii U would be the fact that Monster Hunter will be on it. That would and more than likely will be the main draw for me; but of course I'm looking at some more games as well.

sloth33952190d ago

monster hunter is day 1 buy for me

hduce2190d ago

The main reason that I bought a Wii U is that I am a gamer.

YoungPlex2190d ago

Monster Hunter in 1080p/60fps is a given! I'm also getting it for the the Gamepad, great first and third-party support, and the fact that it's a Nintendo HD console...

SoundGamer2190d ago

"10 Reasons To Buy A Nintendo Wii U Today"

I'll give you one good reason why I won't buy a Nintendo Wii U today: It comes out tomorrow. :)

All joking aside, I already have my Deluxe Edition on the way. ;)

2pacalypsenow2190d ago

1 reason not to ps4 and xbox 3 come out in a year or 2

hduce2190d ago

And I will buy them too.

Deku-Johnny2190d ago

So why not play the Wii U for a year or two until then?

2pacalypsenow2190d ago

cuz i have a ps3 and xbox 360 and a pc

jbgamer2190d ago

How is that a reason? Next year the wii u will be on it's second generation of games while sony, and microsoft will bring out systems that will be launching? And sorry launch games can be good, well ps3, and 360 where not good, but to just assume they will be better without proof shows you are just another fan who cannot give an honest or fair opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.