GameSpy reviews Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

From the review by GameSpy's Patrick Joynt:

"Altair's Chronicles occasional control speed, framerate, and camera issues make us think that this would have been a superior game in 2D, but no one's returning our calls about making classically-influenced 2D platformers for the DS. Tighter technical polish could have made Altair's Chronicles a star, but it's certainly no dud. We'll happily take this unapologetically old-fashioned game for what it is: a fun, good looking platformer on our DS."

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Kain813655d ago

choice for this game but Ubi choose NDS the game is aweful

MK_Red3655d ago

Yes, this is definitly Assassin's Creed. 3/10 from some sites, 8/10 from others and now a 7/10 or 3.5/5.

Shankle3655d ago

Red, I know how much you enthused about Assassin's Creed, but I'm going to wait around for AC2. It's a good studio and I'm sure they can learn from their mistakes.

MK_Red3655d ago

True. I'm huge fan of AC. Still, they should definitly learn from their mistakes and hopefully create a superb sequel. This is Ubi Montreal and we know they can do it :)