Star Citizen Breaks Record For Most Successful Video Game Crowd Funding

Star Citizen, Chris Roberts latest space combat simulator, has reached a new high in its crowd funding. Now at over 4.3 million in funding, Star Citizen is now the most successful crowd funded video game according to The website will be accepting funding for the next 44 hours as of this writing.

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modesign2216d ago

hate to be captain buzzkill, but if they cant find a publisher, then they wont be able to bring this game to anything.

Conquerbeard2216d ago

I would think getting the game made would be the hard part.

joeboo692216d ago

They are sans publisher. Its a PC only game and from reading their website I'm lead to believe they're going to go with the online distribution method only.

Quote from their site "Publishers are useful in the old physical distribution world, but the Internet is the great equalizer. Notch didn’t need a publisher to reach 20-million Minecraft fans. Riot games didn’t need a publisher to reach 30-million League of Legends players, and didn’t need a publisher to reach 20-million World of Tanks gamers. If we were building a big “AAA” console game it would be crazy to try without a publisher. But we want to build a PC game and publishers increase costs because of their need to recoup their sizable overhead cost. We want to make sure all the money raised goes directly to the development of the game. So we’re throwing ourselves on the mercy of the PC gamers out there that share our vision and passion for the platform and the space combat genre to raise money outside of the “cartel” of traditional publishers. The game will cost less, be more creatively pure, and, most importantly, be built for the real “core” audience – not some corporate suit worried about including all the casual gamers."

To capture more of an audience than just the initial backers they'll have to fight an uphill battle to create a lot of buzz on initial release. But one thing they have going for them is that it is one of the most visually impressive games in existence due to its PC only development.

Blacktric2216d ago

You are not being a buzkill but a tryhard troll. They don't need a publisher for a "PC ONLY" game that's being made thanks to community funding for the most part. They'll release it on Steam and without worrying about some sh*t publisher scamming their profits, they'll earn what they deserve.

ATi_Elite2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

It's on the PC therefore they DON'T NEED no stinking Publisher!

they can release it themselves or just put it on Steam!

I'm more concerned about the game living up to it's expectations than a silly publisher getting in the way of this ambitious game!

Star Citizen could possibly be a "Game Changer" in the Space RPG Shooter Genre so i hope the Devs stick to the design and make Star Citizen of the utmost quality!

lolidiot2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Apparently you are too stupid to read or just stupid.

They are releasing it on their own, that's the whole reason behind the crowd funding. You must be a console player if you think a developer needs a publisher.

mobiuspizza2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Actually Star Citizen will have private investors funding about $15-20 million, not publishers. Even during early stage of the campagin Chris has said by the time the game is released $20mil would have been spent, that was when the funding goal was $2million and funding barely started.

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Gamerbeyond2216d ago

i really want to play this

fossilfern2216d ago

Cant wait for this but it wont be out for another 2 years! NOOOOOO!!!!

The_KELRaTH2216d ago

I purchased the FreeLancer ship package + electro Skin hull when it all started and am amazed just how much funding they've managed to secure - ($4.7m) so far.

More amazing is that most media and publishers refer to PC gamers as pirates and also that no one wants another Wing Commander/Privateer style game!

joeboo692216d ago

Although I'm a huge fan of this game and I in fact backed it. I believe the real test will be in how successful it is after release. Has everyone put their money in now? Or is there still a sizable market for this game after its made?

I'd like to say yes, but only time will tell.

The_KELRaTH2215d ago

Agreed, this is quite a test really for the future of the industry (wow funding is up to $5.9m!!) as in effect we are acting as the publisher funding.

Right now I suspect that 90% of the backers have played 1 ore more of Chris's previous games but there's a massive audience that has likely never heard of him or WC games.
It will be interesting to see how the game progresses and whether media keeps reporting on progress to a point where non WC gamers start to take interest - and it becomes a familiar high profile product.

Although in this case I backed the game via an advanced purchase I would like to see these types of advanced enterprise funding be on selling shares and therefore having a say in development paths / process via voting.
Right now we are the customers paying in advance rather than gamers investing as shareholders.