Surviving with Just a Wii: The 3 Stages of a Console Cycle

PixlBit | "I have always been a one-console guy. The cost of a second console has never been something I could justify, and I certainly was not going to afford Sony and Microsoft's High Definition money-vacuuming machines. With Twilight Princess looking pretty nice and the motion controls showing a lot of potential for interesting new gameplay ideas, getting a Wii in 2006 was a no-brainer.

What followed next might be called "The Three Stages in the Lifecycle of an Exclusive Nintendo Console Owner (ENCO)." These are time-tested, scientifically-proven stages born from years of experience. Knowing the cycle can be a source of comfort and frustration, but in the long run it's always best to know what to expect. If you or anyone you know may be an ENCO, read this article along with them."

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