Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PS3 Patch Version 1.03 Out Now, May Cause More Problems

As we’ve detailed, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the PlayStation 3 is causing quite a few problems for people all over the world. Earlier today, Treyarch released patch version 1.03 for the PS3 which is supposed to alleviate some of the problems. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx2216d ago

Mine was fine before the patch. Maybe I should pass on applying the patch

Nitrowolf22216d ago

it's working fine for me afte rpatch but I read many not. The render button now shows up though

decrypt2216d ago Show
Zuperman2216d ago

lmfao wow, my brain cells are dying from reading such comments.

This is simply the game's fault,not the PS3 you morons.

neoMAXMLC2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

LA Noire, Just Cause 2, Prototype 2, Saints Row the Third

Just a few open world games I can think off the top of my head that are superior on PS3 or on par to their 360 counterparts.

What is it with you people always bringing up that stupid PS3 can't handle open world games argument?

Infamous series? The 256 online multiplayer MAG? Where's the 360's equivalent? Exactly.

So it couldn't do cross game chat. Big freaggin' whoop. The console wasn't designed for THAT feature but saying the PS3 was only designed for linear cut scene filled games is moronic. If they weren't so graphically intensive then why can the PS3 do it better? If the 360 was such a better machine it would have had the best looking linear games along with the best looking open world games right? Riiight...?

When Grand Theft Auto V comes out and is absolutely great on PS3, maybe even the better version, this stupid argument will finally be put to rest. I don't see why it hasn't already considering there are already quite a few open world games that are better on the PS3.

Yes, the developers ARE to blame. It's not just when the 360 also gets bad ports such as FFXIII. Just look at the complaints about multiplats on the Wii U. No way in hell can it be the hardware ESPECIALLY when there is 2 GIGS of RAM.

The PS3 can do multiplats just fine if not better. We have already seen many many games that are either identical or slightly better on the PS3 from Burnout Paradise to Battlefield 3. These are some damn good looking games too. Inifnity Ward can port their CoD games just fine over to the PS3 (Quick edit - what's LEFT of Infinity Ward can do better jobs than Treyarch FFS...). Treyarch are obviously the ones at fault here. All they ever did for the longest time was take IW's work and make their own variations. I doubt they can build their own graphics engine if their lives depened on it.

The PS3 is very capable so that BS you're bringing up needs to be dropped.

Godchild10202216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

@ decrypt, If Sony made the PS3 to run linear games, why does the PS3 have Infamous 1 & 2, Grand theft Auto 4, Saints Row 2 & 3 and the many other open world/Sand Box titles.

Also, if Multi-plats don't work, why do Developers make games for the PS3 and not just for the 360 & PC? Its not like Sony holds a gun to their heads or throw money around.

Sony owners blame the Developers, because it's their voice and right to do so, if something is wrong with the game they are playing, same as 360 and PC owners. Also, why do the problems get fixed after a set amount of time. Again after a SET amount of time?

The question really is why is it always the same developers that have problems working on the PS3.

We don't have cross game chat on the PS3 because of the divided ram.

Oh_Yeah2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Even though I love my ps3.. @decrypt is right. The xboxs ram is more flexible and results in better performance in open world games. The architecture also is closer to pc so it's easier to work with. Plain and simple, that's why I prefer playing Bethesdas and Rock stars games on the 360. They perform better.. They often look better. You can't deny that. Compare red dead redemption on the 360 to the ps3 version.. I have both and the ps3 version just doesn't look as good at all..There is ONE open world game that seems better on ps3..thats just cause 2...But there's not much going on in the game world, a lot of repeat textures etc. Maybe because it was lead platform.. Idk

yesmynameissumo2216d ago

decrypt is faaaaaar from right. As can be seen in the responses and examples given.

2216d ago
kaozgamer2216d ago


no they wont. name one xbox exclusive thats on par or beats uncharted 3 in the graphics department?

SolidStoner2216d ago

mine still is shutting off my fat 60 gig ps3, all other games are still working perfect.... :(

otherZinc2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Great Post!
I've been saying this for years. What happens for the PS3 owners that aren't online? The new game to need a patch & a massive mandatory install will be GTA 5. We will have the exact same comments posted & many denials.

It will be impossible for GTA 5 to be the better version & without a patch upon release if it's as large as Rockstar says it is.

Unless, there's some unknown impossible way Rockstar can mysteriously add some unified RAM to that GTA5 blu-ray disk that's never been done before!

andibandit2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )


Youre making the mistake that so many others have made before you.......talking about whats possible on ps3 and not really looking at how things are right now. We are almost at the end of this generation and you wanna talk about what the ps3 is capable of???

neoMAXMLC2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

@otherZinc / andibandit

What the hell are you two on about? I've already given examples of what IS currently possible on the PS3. I named which open world games are on par or even superior on the PS3. I forgot to add Assassin's Creed 3 by the way. The most ambitious AC game to date and looking as good on PS3 compared to the 360 counterpart.

otherZinc, you make it sound like GTA 5 isn't possible on the PS3 at all. Why is Rockstar demoing the PS3 version first then? If anything, they learned a few things from Team Bondi seeing as they managed to get the RAGE powered ganme LA Noire to look and run better on the PS3. They've already shown to be capable of achieving platform parity when Max Payne 3 released. Before they couldn't even get their Midnight Club games to run at the same resolutions!

Remember how each GTA on the PS2 improved graphically with each iteration? Even with the tiny amount of RAM available they managed to get their largest GTA game for that time - San Andreas - to run without a SINGLE loading screen between cities.

I AM talking about what's here now. I'm simply using these current examples to show what IS capable and what CAN be capable.

kopicha2215d ago

apart from graphics. i think a lot of people are forgetting about sound too. almost 70-80% of the games on PS3 are running off uncompressed audio LPCM5.1/7.1 where 360 is still using DD5.1 which is compressed audio. It definitely take more processing power to playback audio in a higher fidelity. This is something no one needs to argue about(same thing would apply to PC as well). I done so many test with both PS3 and 360 on their audio department (and yes of course I own both so the test are always fair since they are connected on the same audio system all with extremely good cabling setup) . All the time PS3 audio quality just rape the 360 version. Bear in mind I dont do the judgement all by myself. I have other listeners who some are audiophiles to listen in and comment at times too. And PS3 in most scenario never fail to win. Even when both are playing back games in DD5.1 (where the game dont come with LCPM audio) PS3 will still sound better.

Audio these days are just almost as important as Visual. Great audio would no doubt provide an even more immersive game play experience. Even Wii-U comes with 5.1 LPCM now just shows how important sound is part of the overall package rather than just visual.

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dbjj120882216d ago

And pass on playing online too? These updates are atrocious.

Pintheshadows2216d ago

I've been playing with bots. Mainly because they don't have headsets.

I've been playing zombies as well. I just wish I could find a decent group to play with.

GraveLord2216d ago

You can't "pass" if you want to keep playing online.
Anyway since the patch I've had no problems.

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SolidDuck2216d ago

Skyrim actually runs good now, they have patched it. How's paying for ads going? See how that works, it leads nowhere.

ALLWRONG2216d ago

Most 360 games work on day 1. How those patches going?

Mr-Zex2216d ago

All PS3 Gamers don't have to pay an annual online fee, how's that working out for you? ;)

Unless your gonna use a legitimate argument against the PS3 then do reply, otherwise, do shut up. :3

MysticStrummer2216d ago

Tell us more about the alternate reality you come from. This is fascinating.

rpd1232216d ago

Good, only took them a year. I'd rather pay for ads and be able to play my games the day they come out instead of a year later. And by the way, Sony has patented a way to have advertisements interrupt your actual games, which is 10000 times worse than on the dashboard which nobody ever even looks at. They'll never go through with it, but you can bet your ass that next gen there will be plenty of ads on the next PlayStation.

Lvl_up_gamer2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I see BY FAR more ads in NHL 13 (a single game) every time I play a drop in game right after the lobby launches into the game then I do on the MS dashboard.

I launch the game right away from dash, I see ZERO ads. I play 6-8 games in NHL 13 and I see 6-8 ads.

I am tired of seeing McDonalds adds, Red Dawn adds and The Watch ads.

People who think that there are so many ads on the 360 dashboard either don't have a 360, don't have a 360 hooked up to the internet or don't play enough games to see that there are more ads in games alone then there is on the 360 dash.

I will take a working game day 1 over an add on the dashboard that I never see. Any day. Who wouldn't?

listenkids2216d ago

All I want, is the ability to party up without error.

dbjj120882216d ago

Then you probably don't want to be on PSN at all.

Obnoxious_Informer2216d ago

Wow, this situation really sucks for COD fans /hidessmile

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