Hardcore Gamer's Wii U Launch Title Buying Guide

With just a day left until the Wii U launch, Hardcore Gamer has dug through the massive selection of launch titles to give our opinions, knowledge and suggestions for which to nab. If your biggest problem is which games to pick up and not how you’re going to get a Wii U, count yourself lucky and read on.

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YoungPlex2216d ago

Yea, no! I agree with some of those titles but the others are just plane silly... I did pick up AC:III for the Wii U and do plan on checking out or getting

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition,
Call of Duty: Black Ops II,
Darksiders II,
Nano Assault Neo,
New Super Mario Bros. U,
Trine 2 Director's Cut,
Zombie U,
Bayonetta 2,
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and
LEGO City Undercover.

Whatever else is announced I will update the list but as far as these games go, I will check them out at some point or another and decide if they're worth a buy or not.

Buying a game will be a choice I make after I extensively do research and possibly try them out first. AC:III was a given in my eyes because I beat every one and enjoyed them regardless of the console; the main reason I got it for Wii U was for the map and weapons change on the Wii U Gamepad. I always felt that I spent a lot of time pausing that game having to constantly look on the map, now I don't have to and I could switch weapons on the fly!

Abdou232215d ago

I'm on the fence here, on one hand i don't like most of the nintendo 1st party games ( mario,zelda,smash,metroid), on the other i'm very interested in that gamepad. And games like ZombiU & Pikmin looks interesting.

aceitman2215d ago

i was going to get pikmin 3 , rayman, and 1001 , but they all got pusshed to next year in march was upset about it .

_LarZen_2215d ago

I just hate the word "hardcore" player...

Im a damm gamer dont put me in a damm catagory!


/nerd rage over