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NE Preview: Getting past the hype: How good does ZombiU really look?

NE: "First you’re skeptical. Then you’re excited. Then you’re REALLY excited. Then you’re skeptical.

It’s a vicious cycle that constantly churns within you whenever something exciting is about to launch in the video game world. Be it a game or a console, you will find yourself one day nearly shaking with anticipation, and the next ferociously scouring the internet for reasons why it won’t be as bad as you’re worried it will be.

This is exactly where I am with ZombiU today." (Wii U, ZombiU)

Zodiac  +   957d ago
It looks really fun, but mainstream gaming has stripped the majority of a thing called patience.

Player will run around with limited ammo and start shooting a bunch of zombies only to attract more zombies, then they will die a lot and post a 1/10 on metacritic.

The game requires a lot of waiting and even the smallest amount of careful thinking.
Moonman  +   957d ago
That is a great point. It is a very tough, no hand holding type of game that is true to the genre. This might not sit well with some and that is why i'm trying it out myself. :)
GuruStarr78  +   957d ago
Yeah, this is exactly the reason I gamefly'd this, and cancelled my preorder.. I really want to try it first..
wastedcells  +   957d ago
Early gamespot review leaked and they gave it a 4/10. The video review convinced me they are not far off.
Trunkz Jr  +   957d ago
Because Gamespot has always been right about their reviews right?
Zodiac  +   957d ago
Did you pay attention to that video?

One complaint is that you use a lot of melee and they gave one example where you must draw out zombies one by one to kill them.

This go back to the lack of patience i mentioned.

If you are in that situation, you don't go shooting crazy and attract every zombie in the area. you draw the out and kill them as to not make a lot of noise. That's what you would do if this actually happened.

Another complaint was that you cannot run for very long amounts of time. Humans have these things called lungs and you cannot run around forever.

Ubisoft said they want to try and make this game as realistic as possible, and the gamespot review lowered the score due to the. requirement of rational thinking and limitations of the human body.

The lack of patience seems to have already hit you and the game is not even out yet.

@ThantosDMC. Exactly. It's really looking like hand holding has made full penetration into the industry and reviewers.
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ThanatosDMC  +   957d ago
They also hated DayZ for the same reason. Lack of ammo screws with their brains.
wastedcells  +   956d ago
Wow attack of the fan boys.
dboyc310  +   956d ago
Find it funny how people are finding some excuse to defend this game. It isn't as good as it was first thought. Just wait for The Last of Us to come out to show how it's done.
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Zodiac  +   956d ago
"Find it funny how everyone is finding some way to defend this game."

I'm defending it because it's not out yet and the complaints i have seen consist of "this game won't let me go on a massacre even though that would get me killed faster and if i got killed then i hate the game" or "i don't like thinking"

I'm actually not waiting for The Last of Us to show me how it's done. The action and fighting in Uncharted was incredibly fun, i had a great time, but it was laughably simple and designed in a way that you only needed to shoot people so the game could be over 7 hours long.

The Last of Us does not seem to change that. Now don't get me wrong. I will have a great time playing it, but The Last of Us is the last game i would trust to give me a thrilling and challenging horror experience.

If people were saying that TLoU was going to suck and be the worst game every, would you nto defend it? Even if you did not say anything, but defended it in your mind, then you defended it and you would be a hypocrite. I will wait for the reviews to come out and i better not see you defend it in any way.
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dboyc310  +   956d ago
Don't worry won't need to defend it. THE LAST of Us has shown more intense/survival aspects in the little that has been shown that proves how good it will be plus it's being done by ND. Wait until they show game play involving the infected and that's when things will really blow up. And you criticize the simple combat mechanics in uncharted when zombieU combat isn't any different. The review simply states how repetitive and dull it is and you come up with the thought that he isn't patient? Who is the hypocrite now?
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WiiUalpha  +   956d ago
Lol. Too funny typical Sony fanboy. Doing exactly what he said. He didn't even trash tlou and u intantly jump to defense mode about how it has to b great cause its a PS3 game....gotta laugh at u kids...

What about this game has u so worried? Cause its not on pos3? If ps3 is so awesome how come its most die hard supporters live in the Nintendo section lately

I love how one game u never played is carp but another u never played is must own able only thing u know for sure is what console its on. Hows that low scoring Mario kart clone working for u? Ads all over tv and it bombs at retail cause sony supporters are too busy trying to play down Wii u to even buy PS3 games. Idk could b the crap scores too. Oh but wait isn't every game on PS3 highly rated even if low selling?
WeskerChildReborned  +   956d ago
Yea agreed
ronin4life  +   957d ago
I saw this story the other day and really enjoyed it. It is nice to see a logically written assesment of... well, ANYTHING these days.

I am hopeful this will be a great game, and it at least seems good based on early reviews.
DivineAssault  +   957d ago
Remember when 360 launched with "Condemned" by sega? It was good but not great & eventually became bargain bin bs.. Thats exactly what this is going to be.. Good, not great, & then price dropped n forgotten very quickly..
Felinox  +   956d ago
I really liked the first condemned, thank you. It was scary as hell. The manaquins in department store.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   956d ago
What kind of sense does that make?
Qrphe  +   956d ago
I think he's saying launched titles aren't really GOTY material, in which such case, I'd agree with him as a general rule. However, I have no judgement of this game as I haven't played it myself yet.
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chronoforce  +   956d ago
ZombiU will be a good a game as long as you approach it right, ZODIAC is spot on if you watch the the gamespot review there is no point in the game where he isn't surrounded by at least 4 zombies I'm sure the reviewer was playing it like an action game,sometimes if you see a zombie or 2 alone avoid them rather than kill them. The fact that he praised the multiplayer for its faster pace and being more action intense proves it. At least Ubisoft is willing to take some risks on new hardware.
Embeepee  +   956d ago
This game will either be utterly fantastic or completely abysmal. The jury is still out...
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quantae06  +   956d ago
When has Gamespot ever given good reviews!? I'll wait to see other reviews b4 I jump the gun.
metroidfusion2  +   956d ago
Ha lol the last of us isn't anything great lol the game is probably in native 720p and 30 or 60fps and it looks good and I'm sure the wii u could easily run that game at native 720p and 60fps or native 1080p and 60fps and zombi u is rumored to run at native 1080p and 60fps and the game cannot run on the ps3 or 360 without having to take things out the same for trine 2 directors cut its a direct pc port that cannot run on the ps3 or the 360 and trine 2 directors cut runs in native 1080p and 60fps and has added content that could not be on the ps3 or 360 and the game could run on the 360 and ps3 but things would have to be taken out and my dad is stupid he does little to no research or just ign research on the wii u lol he tried to talk shit about the system but couldn't really counter the facts that I was telling him but I haven't been saying anything about the wii u to him or my stupid ass brother who does no research but I will keep doing my research on the wii u on several sites

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