Gamesradar: Major League Baseball 2K8 - hands-on

Gamesradar's Shane Patterson writes: Now that football season has ended, it's about damn time America's got it's priorities straight and focused on hot dogs, apple pies and shagging foul balls. 2K Sports hasn't forgotten what the ol' red, white and blue is about and has worked tirelessly on adjusting the finer points of new baseball sim, Major League Baseball 2K8 (aka MLB 2K8). Set for release on March 4 - just in time for spring training - 2K has spent the year tweaking everything from throwing the ball to swinging the bat.

Perhaps the biggest change 2K made was its pitching game, which deviates from boring, old school button tapping; i.e. choosing the pitch, then throwing. To begin your wind-up, pull the stick back and a transparent circle pops up with a smaller circle inside it. The smaller circle begins to expand. Once it touches the larger circle, a quick swish of the thumbstick (the gesture is different for each pitch) causes the smaller circle to rapidly collapse into a "bulls-eye" that appears at its center. When the shrinking circle reaches the same size as the bulls-eye, you release the stick and watch the batter whiff trying to lay wood to your filth.

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The Show blows this last gen looking game out of the water