Gamesradar: Too Human Preview - This one doesn't want to be boxed into a genre

Gameradar writes: Much has been said about the Nordic adventure's unique story. The sci-fi twist is a left-field approach considering the Norse mythology inspirations, and playable flashback sequences crop up with some regularity to deepen the tale. But although the story is a crucial part of any RPG, this game can't be pigeonholed so easily. Too Human isn't simply about stats and numbers.

Spread over four levels, you'll take your character Baldur and turn him into the man you want to play as. Five classes - that's Commando, Defender, Bio-Mechanic, Berserker and Champion - are on offer to cater for every taste, and after making that decision you can tweak every move, weapon and armour piece to your heart's content. In fact, aside from Baldur's physique, you can customise absolutely anything you want.

The danger is that Too Human might be trying too hard. The game is aiming to reach some simply massive targets, and given the blend of genres it's arguably one of the most ambitious Xbox 360 titles to date, not the run-of-the-mill scrapper it first appeared to be. But Silicon Knights are more than equal to the task. Given their pedigree, Baldur's machinations could turn into something quite special.

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TheXgamerLive3835d ago

Oh, and to the losers who reported this story, it's not a duplicate of the other story at all. Pay attention and just b/c your a sony fan doesn't mean you have to hate all things Xbox 360.

Mu5afir3835d ago

It toke them long enough to make this game, who knows if it's even going to come out this year.

TheXgamerLive3835d ago

They need to release this year.

The interfering of the court battle and all has taken some steam away but lets hope it's still rock and rolling:)

Relcom3835d ago

I'll rent a X-box or something, its gonna be sweet.

sonarus3835d ago

I must admit i have been very negative on too human in the past but all signs seem to show they are giving it everything they have. I hope it turns out well for them i am not completely sold on the game or controls or the game itself but the game looks cool. I am especially liking the coop hopefully it turns out well so i can play it. Heard it comes out a week after GTA4 if thats the case fat chance i'll be buying. cus thats when the game rush starts i have to be prepared with as much cash as possible but i could always still rent

dachiefsman3834d ago

i am going to buy this game....

RAF-TECH3835d ago

co-op online.
damn homie!

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The story is too old to be commented.