PSXExtreme: Baroque Preview

PSXExtreme's Ben Dutka writes: Perhaps you will remember one of the PS2's very first titles that focused on the main character's death. It was the critically acclaimed adventure title from Konami, Shadow of Destiny, and at the very start of the game, Eike fell prey to a mystery attacker and died. You spent the rest of the game traveling back and forth through time, constantly attempting to thwart your veiled assassin, unraveling an intricate storyline along the way. It was a very intriguing concept, and it's similar to the one we find in the upcoming PS2 RPG, Baroque.

Those PS2 titles just keep comin', and even though Japan has had access to this one for a while, North American gamers will get their chance next month. In this one, you actually have to die in order to progress through the game's story; you will explore the afterlife, so-to-speak.

Baroque is scheduled to arrive for the PS2 on March 18, and it may be one of the last great RPGs on the system. There have been many over the past seven years, but we can always use another one, especially if Atlus' name is on the box.

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