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Dear Video Game Journalists

A letter to the professional gaming sites from The Vita Lounge. (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita)

boybato  +   890d ago
Nice article...

main reason why I prefer Amazon user reviews (which sometimes does not make sense) as opposed to that of "professional" journalist/reviewers.
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NewMonday  +   889d ago
great article

good to know it wasn't just me who thinks something is really wrong here. the good thing about this is that many younger gamers will do what many older gamers do, and that is go independent from the opinion of these "big" game sites and trust fellow gamers and their own guts
GodHandDee  +   890d ago
So good. Well said
strigoi814  +   890d ago
well said. I just hope somebody listen coz ive been sick reading this " vita is dead" articles
izumo_lee  +   890d ago
This was one of the most refreshing, honest, passionate articles i have read on N4G in a long time. Some of the points that Buramu made out in this are pretty note-worthy, which makes me wonder what are the true intentions of game journalist? Are they here to provide fair, unbiased info to consumers or are they here to get traffic for their respective site for maybe a higher paycheck?

The 3DS is a great device but have any of us seen the games for it be compared to console games. Just cause Sony is marketing (which we have criticized them for) their new system as 'console like' do we actually take that seriously?

Props to Buramu for speaking his mind & questioning his peers for some questionable articles & reviews. I tremble in fear of the thoughts of having to play Angry Birds for the rest of my life on a portable system/phone.
tiffac008  +   889d ago
I agree, especially this paragraph here:

"Back when the 3DS was hurting badly you had a field-day predicting its demise and anticipating Nintendo to finally go software only. Now that the 3DS is selling nicely it seems to have become the darling of your reviewing community. Instead the Vita now has the pleasure of incessantly being on the receiving end of your silly predictions and unfair treatment."
knifefight  +   890d ago
The part that ensures we can take this article more seriously than others is the Spiderman quote.
admiralvic  +   889d ago
While I agree with the message, I think too many people are ascribing meaning where there is none. I think most people see the Vita is dead articles and a low score, then sudden believe the 2 are connected. The sad truth is that the 3DS went through the same thing and would PROBABLY be in the same boat if it wasn't for Monster Hunter in Japan and the price drop.

As far as Declassified, I think it's a title where reviewers looked at it from the classic 1 = worthless, 10 = perfect, 5 = average scale, over the college 1 - 6 = who cares, 7 = average, 10 = perfect. The thing is that plenty of Vita games make use of the console in more ways. Last month we got Ragnarok Odyssey, which wasn't perfect, but made good use of what the Vita could do and got good scores that reflected this. The same goes for Persona 4 The Golden and plenty of other titles. The only reason why Declassified is special, is the fact that people enjoy the multiplayer and see it's true to the source. Naturally these elements should result in high scores (and was most likely the goal with Nil), but there are also more than enough problems to completely justify the score. Almost everyone defending the game writes off the problems and is like "Multiplayer is great, thats all that matters."
Paul_Murphy  +   889d ago
This is not a dig at yourself Admiralvic, but the assertion that 7 equals average has always annoyed me.

An average is the median score between the low end and the top end. If you are using a point scale the default average is actually halfway.

So if you are labelling something "average" the score should be 5.

The article is a little tongue in cheek, but there is an element of something to think about.

It is not a masterpiece of a game, but it does have something to offer. It is therefore not a waste of space, and perhaps not really deserving of the lower echelons of the scoring system. And that is the point, they are making a point by scoring it so low. Having clearly spent a day with it judging by the speed of their reviews going up.

The game was called out before it had even been reviewed.

For IGN for example can someone link me to their Need for Speed: The Run 3DS review or indeed their 3DS FIFA 13 one? Or even their articles lamenting EA for not sending them their review copies?
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tubers  +   889d ago
I totally agree with the "Well, Nintendo dropped the MSRP" (then much of the hate was lifted).. they did and big time! 250 bucks to 180.

Because of that, I guess some are expecting Sony to do that with the VITA as well. It's their turn to show a good strategy.

I kind of disagree with you on MH being the saviour of the 3DS though.. although it did help] a lot.. well tons! LMFAO at animal crossing sales 600K! (big N games > MH)

I love all kinds of reviews and I don't mind it being doom and gloom as long as they defend their points well. I can still think for myself afterwards.. I don't really get much hate with this issue.

Think for yourselves and don't base stuff on a few reviews.
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profgerbik  +   889d ago
Respect. *Holds fist in air*
3-4-5  +   889d ago
Good read and true as well.

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