Is the Wii more than a successful fad?

Geekpulp writes: "There is no doubt that Nintendo's Wii is a success. It's been the best selling console (excluding handhelds) since it launched and there seems to be an endless demand for the little white brick. So the question is not whether or not the console is a success but whether it will continue to be. Will the bubble burst?" Click through to read the whole article.

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Lord_Ash3807d ago

"Wii Play is in my opinion a horrible collection of rubbish" lol. I agree with this, I tried the game a few times but its really bad (unlike Wii Sports), anyway good read.

JsonHenry3806d ago

The idea was good. And it can be executed greatly using the Wii mote. But the thing that holds me back is the sub par graphics. I know that gameplay is greater than graphics. But I dont want to buy a new console simply because it has a neat control scheme. I want more horsepower, more options, and better looking games.

INehalemEXI3806d ago

Indeed, I think wii's do attract those who never considered themselves gamers. Yet for many gamers wii is dissapointing due to the last gen graphical power.

Kaneda3806d ago

I went to a friend's house.. the parents were playing the wii.. the kids watched tv... something wrong with that..

Boink3806d ago

no, it's not. it's the hula hoop of the new millenium.

I can't convince my 6yr old to want one, him and his friends think theye are dumb and have more fun playing on my 360, or on my kids friends ps2.

rwalrond3806d ago

Funny, my 6yr can't get enough of it. hmm interesting.. What kind of games does your 6yr play?

Boink3806d ago

one of the other neighborhood kids bought one, and they were crazy for it...for about a month and a half. then it got boring, and they started playing their GC games on it more than anything else.

as for what games they play, they are really into nhl '08, rock band and halo 3.

RecSpec3806d ago

Wait, so you let your 6yr old play Halo 3?

rwalrond3806d ago

Guess it's Wii bashing time of the month again. I suppose I should be use to these type of articles by now. Aren't all video game systems fads? They all eventually go away, some faster than others. I own a PS3 and a Wii and they equally collect as much dust when the real world comes a calling.

LastDance3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I realised it was a fad 1 week ago when i was in eb games.

A 14 year old girl who looked like the last person to play video games walked in with a freshly purchased wii and bought a video game about dogs(?) saying to the clerk something like, "Oh i wanted to get other games but all my friends have meteroid, mario and zelda and stuff So i have to get this"

rwalrond3806d ago

Sorry, how does this make it a fad? My kids like to play Super RubaDub on my PS3 does that make the PS3 a fad? Come on guys, we all don't have to like the Wii but why do you have to hate on the thing because a lot of people are buying it.

LastDance3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Dont get me wrong please.

I love nintendo. They are some of the best in gaming history and i like the wii.

But its just like ipod. People dont even like music but they still bought them coz it was kool at school.

Doesnt mean it sucks. just mean the mainstream like it because its in.

Ps. My all time favorite game is zelda ocarina of time

RecSpec3806d ago

According to your logic, my two 8 yr old cousins LOVE Viva Pinata. So the 360 is a fad.

Your logic is as flawed as a Uwe Boll movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.