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Jim Sterling writes: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two does nothing to improve itself over its predecessor, repeating old ideas while refusing to fix problems that are glaringly obvious to even the least tasteful of dolts. Anything added in the sequel has been done so to the its overall detriment -- the voice acting grates, the musical pretensions are vapid, and the cooperative schtick is corny, strained, and a total intrusion for solo play that slows progress, causes trouble, and does not bloody work.

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spurgeonryan2073d ago

For what system? Probably Nintendo since Destructoid killed it!

Godchild10202073d ago

It was reviewed on the Xbox 360. Still even if it was reviewed on another console, it would still play the same.

SuperShyGuy2073d ago

Which is crazy since OXM just gave it a 7

GuyManDude2073d ago

IGN, GameInformer, and GameTrailers all gave scores of 6.7 or worse. It doesn't have a positive review yet on Metacritic.

Blastoise2073d ago

Ouch. And it looks like quite a fun game =/

Moncole2073d ago

So the game is an unplayable mess?

Summons752073d ago

troll review from a troll site.

I downloaded the demo to see how it was since I never was able to play the first one and it was great. Sorry it isn't corner camping call of duty but just because your yearly release sucks once again dose not mean every game sucks

Donnieboi2073d ago

No the demo was boring and the co op with one controller thing just sucked. Average game at best.

Summons752073d ago

the demo was a tutorial level what did you expect it to be? that's how most demos are to give you a taste of how the gameplay a demo should.

DOMination-2073d ago

No, it's terrible. Warren Spector doesn't know how to make good games anymore. Very sad.

Series_IIa2073d ago

The first was unforgivably bad, I thought it would be quite a fun little game... and for a few minutes it was especially going back into the old cartoons, but then rinse and repeat to the extreme and everything on the screen was dark and tonnes of slow down and a terrible camera system...

Not getting sucked into buying this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.