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Transmissions from the Void have posted up their review of COD: Black Ops Declassified. Is it the saviour of the Vita or an over-priced turkey?

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Godchild10202222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

After playing the MP, Nukehouse is the worst map in the game. The map is small and with 8 people it feels like you are just standing on the other players. Kill Confirmed and Free for All are my two favorite game types. I never thought I would enjoy playing online so much, I suck on the console Version but I'm better on the Vita.

While I agree with most people now, that Vita owners are defending this title like it's better than the reviewers say, but once you play the game you would understand why we are doing it. More importantly if you played Resistance Burning Skies.

The load times in this game is good enough for me to type a piece of a message and then go get some kills in and come back once the match is done. I do have issues with connecting though.

Cam9772222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Exactly. It's obviously 2 or 3 out of 10 when compared to BO2 therefore; reviewers must stop doing that! I still have to play it, but it does look good though. Rather than buying it, in getting Driver 1 again but on my Vita. I love that game and it's a shame I have it on my old account rather than my new one.

NewMonday2222d ago

a very well done review instead of a rant for a change

the game controls well and has good graphics, and the best MP on a handheld yet, but the problems that are bringing the scores down are high price/low content, single player story and problems with NAT compatibility.

ronin4life2222d ago

... so it shouldn't be rated on the same scale as its direct peers?

It doesn't deserve a handicap based on platform.

profgerbik2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I hate CoD but I am getting this for my Vita eventually.

Why because I know for a fact it isn't nearly as bad as everyone assumed it was going to be, I mean what kind of SP did people expect on a 4GB game card anyway..

Almost all the excellent single player games on the Vita pretty much use all the space on the card, killing any hopes for MP unless it added on later with DLC or something.

Regardless like you said it is better than Resistance and for it be getting far worse reviews is just stupid already, even me hating CoD ever since it moved to console will tell you that.

Sad more journalist can't just be more rational with their reviews.

Let me ask you does it look like CoD to you? Does it play like CoD (older ones) in MP like on console to you? Because to me it looks like CoD on the Vita and the MP does also.

I am not going to say Nihilistic is the best but it's obvious they tried a little more than Resistance which I can respect. I mean you remember the first screenshots of CoD: Declassified and how awful it looks, they improved it quite a bit from what every thought was going to be a complete failure.

Thing is the only people I can find who say the game is utter crap, are people who only read the reviews and don't own the game.

Yea it's pricey but it comes in a bundle and there are plenty of other ways to easily knock the price down, as I will be buying mine for $25 bucks with some trade ins of games I haven't touched in forever.

admiralvic2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Ragnarok Odyssey - 1 gb
Uncharted Golden Abyss - 2.7gb
Gravity Daze 1.3 gb
Dokuro - 300 mb
Zero Escape - 1 gb
Disgaea 3 - 2.1 gb
Rayman Origins - 932 MB
WipEout - 1.6 gb


Declassified - 2.2gb

Plenty of other games did more with less and only Uncharted "pretty much use all the space on the card".

cpayne932222d ago

"Why because I know for a fact it isn't nearly as bad as everyone assumed it was going to be, I mean what kind of SP did people expect on a 4GB game card anyway.."

That's ridiculous, the reason the game doesn't have much content is because they didn't have enough development time, there are plenty of games on the psp with huge amounts of content, it can and should be done for a 50 dollar vita game.

boybato2221d ago


You forgot BlazBlue which I think is bigger than UC:GA, a really great fighting game btw.

jayman12222d ago

Ya these reviews are BS! The game was made for muliplayer on the go.From what I read people who own a vita say the multiplayer is awesome. I never played COD campaigns its all about the multiplayer for me! The grahics are awesome for a handheld and if I had a vita I would buy it in a heartbeat.The reason these sony bashing trollers are like oh people hate Black ops 2 or COD but say the vita COD they want and like. UMMM DUH it's on the go COD of course people want it. I will not buy the new MW3 or COD BO2 because it think personally the series is repetitive to the boring point. I have all the COD games before mw3.The vita is a different animal and to have a COD game on there with killer muliplayer is what people want. GO TO METACRITC AND THE PEOPLE WHO OWN AND PLAY COD DECLASSIFIED LOVE THE MULTIPLAYER. MORE PEOPLE HAVE POSITIVE THINGS TO SAY WHO OWN IT THAN PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE IT AND OWN IT!

admiralvic2222d ago

Sigh~ Isn't this counter argument getting old? Call of Duty was originally defined by it's Single Player experience and even to this day plenty of people play it for the single player experience. Just because it because the "end all beat all" multiplayer experience with MW, doesn't mean that half of the game is now irrelevant. This is the difference between whining idiot on a forum and a quality reviewer, you HAVE to look at the WHOLE package and JUSTIFY your score. Yes plenty of people say online is awesome, but plenty of those people also believe the single player is a joke and write it off for the MP. The simple fact of the matter is this game sucks and people like YOU are making the Vita a worse system.

Gamers want a good experience for their money and plenty of Vita games do that. WipEout does it, Uncharted had plenty of people happy with it's quality, Disgaea is everything in one bundle, Ragnarok is a blast to play online and this is a buggy game with virtually no single player, a few small online maps which some people can't even connect to and for $10 dollars more than virtually every other US title. By supporting the practices here, you're basically telling developers that it's okay to apply no effort on their games and we would settle for 4 modes, 5 maps, online MP and no SP for $50 dollars. Perhaps thats all you want from the Vita, but others want the game to AT LEAST match the vast majority of Vita titles.

rpd1232222d ago

Yeah the first CoDs were awesome with just single player. And it was typically historically accurate and actually interesting. And the fact is that this game could've gotten great scores if it actually had a good campaign. You can't single out one element of a game for a review.

Haven't gotten this, probably gonna get it used or wait until the price drops a lot ($50 is freaking ridiculous).

profgerbik2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Keyword first CoD's. I have been playing it since PC and I know for a fact CoD quickly moved to a heavy MP base.

It became a huge competitive game and you could not walk into any internet cafe without seeing people playing CoD or WoW at the time and no it wasn't single player.

I could not go to a friends house without them gaming on their PC playing CoD MP. SP in CoD games sure were much better at one time but still was never what defined that game.

If you wanted an excellent story, more realism and no MP really, you had Medal of Honor and those game far surpassed any SP experience CoD ever offered as Medal of Honor has been around just as long.

What people don't understand is with CoD on the Vita it was either a good single player or a good MP. They couldn't have both simply due to the limited space on the Vita game cards.

I am not defending Nihilistic and saying they put the best effort in the SP but seriously people would be talking more shit about the game if the MP was bad and it just had a good single player.

Then they would be complaining about how they finished the game in four hours and the MP sucks ass and has no replay value, does that justify the price even more? Not really.. Least with MP you are getting a lot of replay value out of it instead of just beating the game and getting the trophies and never touching it again probably.

People just are expecting unrealistic expectations out of these 4GB game cards.. I mean for CoD: Declassified's case, nearly all the data on that card is probably for MP.

So either way you were going to get a crappy experience from either one and personally I would much rather prefer a crappy SP when it comes to CoD. Even though I don't really like the series anymore even since it left PC it's gone down hill in general to me but I still realize that.

In all seriousness though no one plays CoD for the SP anymore and this just wasn't recent, this has been happening for a long long time now, I am sorry to tell you but that was ages and I mean literally ages ago that people cared about CoD and it's SP.

rpd1232222d ago

"What people don't understand is with CoD on the Vita it was either a good single player or a good MP. They couldn't have both simply due to the limited space on the Vita game cards."

That's bullshit. They could've put way more in. It's only 2.4 GB as is and they can put up to 4. Resistance is 3.1 and has a quality narrative (not saying it's great but it's respectable) and multiplayer that is now serviceable. Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation has an entire open world game and is around the same size as Black Ops Declassified. They had the ability to put way more but chose not to.

tubers2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

It's total BS that's the game carts fault for having a sub par campaign.

They just rushed this game :(

SpinnerM2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

First honest review I've seen. This is a good game! Not great, but good (probably the best shooter for a handheld). I just hope all of these hate comments don't prevent DLC later on. And if they threw in some free DLC that might turn these reviews around. Looking forward to Killzone Mercenary next year!!