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GS:GameSpot's Aaron Sampson is joined by IO Interactive's Tore Blystad to show off some exclusive content for Hitman: Absolution.

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nofallouthero1345d ago

at green man the game is 29.95 with the voucher code its a good deal.

hiredhelp1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

19.99 PC.
Btw my copy of the pro edition come today nice boxset shame cant play it till gets unlocked on steam still flicking threw the hard back copy of the concept art and hitman sniper challange will have to surfice for now.

JohnApocalypse1345d ago

32 quid for the console version

Rabolisk1345d ago

Iam debating between getting the PC or PS3 version.

Allsystemgamer1345d ago

PC would be a better choice if u have a strong one. Just hook up a controller an your good to go

hiredhelp1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

PC take use better of the io engine you have all your gfx options inc DX11
Also you have option of controller use as i will be using 360 controller myself.
Bonus factor is its saving money too. Making it a win win all round.

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