How the Playstation 3 has survived goes in-depth on the highs and lows of the Playstation 3, and detail how the Playstation 3 has stayed alive after a horrific launch.

This is part two of a three part series. the first of which what "How the 360 has survived" which can be found as a link on the title page of this article.

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Iron Man 23657d ago

The PS3 is doing pretty well considering the fact that it got off to a really bad start,the future is looking bright for both Sony and their PS3;)

blacsheep3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

read and i like the article at the end about evolving and embracing new technologies developers really need to read that part,you only get out what you put in nothing in life is easy.

ps3 is in its infancy and the amount of battles it has won in 2008 and were only in february really makes me wonder is this going to be as successful as ps2?call me crazy but i think ps3 will surpass ps2

its not just a gaming machine its an entertainment hub with cutting edge technology and with bluray,play tv and home soon ashore many people will purchase one if not for games for bluray

and then theres the gamers who will be catered for this year with a wealth of AAA exclusives,sony you came through the rough patch when even the most hardened playstation supporters including myself really did wonder is the ps3 about to flop.

this is going to be your greatest triumph even more so than the ps2 because it seemed the whole world and then some were against you!

well done

MURKERR3657d ago

ye who mocked the ps3 bow your heads in shame

for now the time is upon us where the mighty phoenix (ps3) raws upwards from its flames of negativity skywards where ye cannot be stopped!

360 you will be positioned as court jester to amuse

bow down and kiss ye mighty ps3

triumph is near

Lifendz3657d ago

I think the answer as to how the system "survived" is not that lengthy at all. Quite simply, MS messed up. Think about the success of the 360, the allure people have with achievements, the games that were out (Halo, Gears, etc), while PS3 was on a big game drought. MS honestly could have increased their lead over PS3 by not having the hardware problems. I'm not saying they would have wiped PS3 off the console stage, but they certainly would be doing even better than they are now.

To use myself as an example, I waited until the PS3 came out before I bought my next console. I owned both Xbox and PS2 last time around so I'm not a fanboy of either; just an informed consumer with limited funds. Well my decision was made easy with MS' hardware problems. The fact that I knew people that were on their 4th console in just one year of owning the system didn't help.

Now with the games here, better games coming, free online, blu-ray the winner, and 360s are STILL breaking, the PS3 is not just surviving but, as the latest NPDs have shown, the tide is turning in America.

bizi64983657d ago


a sleazy bashing festival in the media: it was super-duper hip'n kewl to bash sony and 90% of the 'gaming journalists' and bloggers indulged in it (many still do, the real retard ones, it's kinda funny now).

I'm not letting these wankas get away with it: they're trying to turn coats and save their sorry ass with crap bull like 'it was bad marketing from sony' or 'we didn't know the real RROD stats then' but the bottom line is:

just like for the war in irak, they got it 100% wrong, they ridiculed those who got it 100% right and they're still in business.

instead of getting creative with their personal assessment of a new piece of technology, they had a big corporate wankfest and they're trying to get creative now with how they're gonna spin us into forgiveness.

[email protected] THAT! Time for accountability guys.

BTW, N4G was one of the very few sites where the gamers rebellion started: hats off guys, I won't forget that! Many regard it as a pro sony gaming news site but the truth is:

it was the only site where real gamers broke the corporate bullsh!t and allowed the FACTS to come out. If you want real gaming news you don't go to [email protected] or any of these retards, no more.

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steriotyp3657d ago

The console has made leaps and bounds since its launch. My favorite update was making my SixAxis NOT cut out on MotorStorm any more. That's so nice to be able to play without that junk happening.

UnblessedSoul3657d ago

The ps3 is starting to overtake everything else

sonarus3657d ago

except for the wii though

Scottama3657d ago

Well, have you seen January's figures :O? The PS3 did incredibly, only missing put on the Wii by 5,000. Admittedly, this may be a one-off, just it certainly does add strength to the claims that the PS3 will come out on top.

On that note, does anyone REALLY think that it will take until 2011 for that to happen. I think that, realistically, the PS3 could outsell the 360 in all regions within the next few months, and this would be almost inevitable with a price drop. I'm confident that the PS3 will be beating the 360 by the end of the year.

(If by, "coming out on top", the predictions refer to having most consoles sold, then surely the PS2 is the winner, and will be for years? My definition of "being on top" would be being the most popular technology AT THAT TIME! The PS2 has sold more units than the PS3, but it is outdated technology, and is no longer selling at the same rate.

If SELLING more units is a measure of success, I truly believe that the PS3 will have won before the year is out.

kg73103657d ago

The PS3 has survived and will live to reign the gaming industry :D

INehalemEXI3657d ago

Indeed. It will outdue and outlast its competition before its all said and done, as did its predecesors.

Lord_Ash3657d ago

That was a good read, even though they don't tell us how the PS3 survived.

steriotyp3657d ago

your comment is much appreciated. Bubbles for you.