Guitar Hero helps music industry more than RIAA ever could writes: "The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is continuing its fight to stop people from illegally downloading from the Internet, and, at least in its opinion, saving the music industry. meanwhile, the rest of the world is moving on, and embracing new technologies and new means of distribution.

My personal story, detailed below shows how the Guitar Hero series of games could actually be doing more to help the failing music industry from itself than the RIAA and its worldwide partners could ever hope to with their targeting of pirates."

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Lord_Ash3687d ago

This is a nice blog and it's true, I have bought allot of the songs on the GH2/Rock band games other wise I would've never bought like "Slipknot's Before I forget".

RIAA should re-establish them selves or close their doors.

mariusmal3686d ago

the albums that are really good i buy.