Five Sequels And Reboots That Will Completely Divide Gamers

They say you can’t please all the people all the time – and that’s certainly the case with some of 2013′s most talked-about sequels and reboots. With controversy already brewing over the change of direction in a number of famous series, Mark Butler looks at five high-profile releases that seem certain to split opinion.

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TrendyGamers2217d ago

I'm very excited for Tomb Raider.

BattleAxe2216d ago

Any previous fan who isn't excited for this game has got something wrong with their head. This is one of my most anticipated games for next year along side The Last of Us and GTA5.

Tomonobu Itagaki2216d ago

All fans don't have to be blind sheep.

They love their series the way they want and if the upcoming sequel doesn't fit their perception of what they used to love, then they perfectly have the right to not love it.

And I know people that hate the idea of a Tomb Raider reboot but still are fans of the series, just like fans have the right to hate Metal Gear Rising, Resident Evil 6 or DmC.

It can be because of plot holes, wrong game-design, bad main character, lame developers, incoherent gameplay mechanics, etc...

JD_Shadow2216d ago

Many of the people complaining about those games that haven't even come out yet, though, is a different story, which is what this article discusses. Many see that someone CHANGED something, or try something different, with their favorite franchise, and you get people freaking out before they even SEE or even play the game.

And thing is, they get so much hate for the game before it comes out that when it finally DOES come out, their hatred for whatever they changed blinds them of whatever enjoyment they could've had with the game, even if the hate is completely unwarranted. Then it hurts sales because you have no idea HOW people can be influenced by what they take too seriously on the internet anymore.

Thing people have to learn is that they should just stop and RELAX to some of the changes before they actually play the games. In the case of Tomb Raider, there was a response to some of the criticisms that I thought made a lot of sense about how they characterized the young Lara (basically saying that bravery can be found through being afraid by something, and that one can find themselves through fear, which is pretty damn clever of them to say).

But yeah, a good bit of problems comes because elitists seem to freak out way too much over something they have yet to even try....which is not a good thing!

Whitefox7892216d ago

@Tomonobu Itagaki

Metal Gear Rising isn't a reboot though its a spinoff title for people that want the familiar MGS experience they have MGS: Ground Zeroes which is supposedly a prologue to what will be MGS5.

I actually have no idea why I'm directing this to you, for all I know you can be trolling against for that aspect of your comment.

shempo2217d ago

the xbox fangirls will go with tomb raider just to brag they have something against uncharted.

doogiebear2217d ago

yeah, but we have both on ps3. So who cares?

prototypeknuckles2216d ago

So true its like were living the best of both worlds

Jinkies2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I can see Tomb Raider dividing fans, one side will obviously want to see the old TR back.

DS3 won't divide will basicaly be new "COD" crowd fans who have never given a crap about DS vs the old fans who are the reason why DS got a sequel in the first place.

As for Dmc same applies in a way...those who never cared for dmc like the look of the game along with a handfull of old fans while the majority of the old fans just don't care for it and can you blame them

2216d ago
prototypeknuckles2216d ago

DmC already had divided gamers sadly, but im done talking about that game because lets be honest bayonetta and metal gear rising are the new DMC games

I dont see why people hate tomb raider sure Lara seems whiny and the reason I liked her was because she was a woman that didnt whine but took action and pretty much made everyone her BITCH, but I think she will change onto the real Lara by the end and this game looks like a more intense,much more open ended uncharted, I just hope Lara gets her twin pistol at the end because what is Lara without her pistols its like link without master sword, dante without ebony ivory and rebellion, its like sonic without his shoes.

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