Zombie U Multiplay Hands on Impressions at Skewed and Reviewed

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed got some hands on time with the multiplayer mode of the upcoming Zombie U. He talks about the mode and the two different styles of gameplay it offers.

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The_Infected1773d ago

Sounds good! I want to be the survivor and let my GF bring on the zombies. Ill shows her who's the best! Ill probably lose honestly lol

camel_toad1773d ago

Ha yeh I'm thinking that's the only way I'll get my wife to play but it sure sounds fun.

The_Infected1773d ago

Haha yea it sounds pretty awesome I guess we will see soon. I didn't pre order so I'm kinda out of luck for a while.

Garethvk1772d ago

I liked being the survivor more as shooting was more enjoyable for me than tapping a stylus on a top down map, but I did like to create a zombie stampede.