Your Wii is Sick - Must be Something you Played

Kneel. Place hands on either side of the ceramic-like object. Wait. A sudden urge takes you, spewing the remains of a previous ingestion. You glance at what was just created; between the remains of what were once good ideas you see those extra things you tacked on that seemed like a quick fix at the time but ultimately caused their own regurgitation. You lament at the pain you caused yourself, but deep down you can feel that the pain is still there.

So what have you been eating? Or in this case, what have various developers been feeding the ceramic bowl in question, the Wii? Their own regurgitation, that's what - and a little bit of Nintendo's own leftovers for good measure. The Wii is the one that's sick, suffering from delirious spells of minigame collections, shoddy ports, forced motion control schemes, and God knows what else.

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Dpa3806d ago

This article is too ambiguous for its own good.

tk3806d ago

Must be something like AIDS then...

RecSpec3806d ago

This article confuses and infuriates me. You know it's got some issues when after every review it says "Click here for an explanation of our review and scoring format" I clicked it hoping it would say, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug" but no luck.

replikka3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

i feel this is the end of nintendo. turning their back on hardcore gamers and targeting casual gamers. casual gamers will turn their back on the next nintendo console cuz they dont follow up video games like that. and hardcore games have already turned their backs on nintendo. well i have. eff them. so next generation ull see how bad nintendo does. f**k nintendo for turning ur back on the gamers who made u who u r today

KeiZka3805d ago

I'd like to think it's Nintendo who made gamers as they are today... Not the other way around. Duh.

Vizion263805d ago

Nevermind they made games like Metroid Prime 3, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Battalion Wars 2, and Fire Emblem.

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The story is too old to be commented.