Next gen or touchscreens or maybe both? Where should gaming go next

OmniGamer Writes "I’m in love with my Xbox 360, I care about my 360 so much it gets more playtime than my PS3, Wii, DS, 3DS and PS Vita combined. I say that to ask you this, do we really need a “next gen” console right now? I’m asking as honestly as I can make that sound, why do we need a newer Xbox or PlayStation system?"

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Tei7772220d ago

"do we really need a “next gen” console right now"

... Last time I checked neither Microsoft or Sony have announced next-gen systems. Maybe this question will be relevant late 2013, when they're actually expected to arrive.

uneasiest2220d ago

Are you saying the Wii U is not a next gen console.

SkullBlade1692220d ago

It isn't next gen.

It's current gen now. PS3 and 360 are previous gen :P

Summons752220d ago

It is, stop being a specs whore and learn that a next generation of anything is not defined by the hardware it is defined by being the next piece of hardware in the line. YES the WiiU IS the next generation of Nintendo gaming systems.

Machioto2220d ago

@summons Depending on what is being called next-gen specs are some times included,you're right that wiiu is a next-gen Nintendeo system but appears to be a refinement of what we have now.

tehpees32220d ago

I like the way you guys are arguing over specs again as if Microsoft and Sony are going have that kind of leap themselves?

I wonder how many people will turn into hypocrites when they see the next Xbox and PS4 aren't as powerful as their dreams are telling them.

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Tei7772220d ago

Its less a case of what I think of the Wii U and more of the way the article is using the term, the writer like many others is not referring to the system when he says "Next Gen", although technically it is one. I don't care to nit pick, so when next gen is used in this context I just take it as PS3/360 successors.

stragomccloud2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

This is a pretty bad read. It just sounds like the guy didn't do any research and ignores the fact that the Wii U is also next gen. Also, he believes that the Wii U is a "rebuilt Wii" with a tablet controller. He also claims that Sony has more first party than Nintendo which is laughable at best.

Journalism at its' best people.

Reverent2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

"He also claims that Sony has more first party than Nintendo which is laughable at best. "

Not entirely true...

Sony First Party-

Evolution Studios
Guerilla Games
Media Molecule
Naughty Dog
Polyphony Digital
SCE Bend Studio
SCE Cambridge Studio
SCE Japan Studio
SCE London Studio
SCE San Diego Studio
SCE Santa Monica Studio
SCE Studio Liverpool
Sucker Punch Productions
BigBig Studios
Incognito Entertainment
Superbot Entertainment

Nintendo First Party-

Retro Studios
Nd Cube
Brownie Brown
Monolith Soft
Intelligent Systems
HAL Laboratory

So as you can see, Nintendo literally has less than half the first party support that Sony has.

stragomccloud2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

He said games not studios. Nintendo has significantly more exclusive first party games. Though many never leave Japan and many more still are very unknown niche titles. Google it. I bet you'll be suprised by some of the of the extremely random titles.

Reverent2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Oh, well if that's true, I completely agree. Haha, I actually own probably 30 unique Wii games from family and friends as gifts and such, and I only have like... 10-12 PS3 games even though the PS3 is my primary console of choice. But yeah, I didn't read the article; it seemed a little hit-seeking.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

"Where should gaming go next"

PC first.. That way all gimmicks will die & hardcore games will survive.

gaming will die because of pirates?

Or we can just stay on the console route with the slow death of horror, tactical shooters, stealth etc, control etc..

2220d ago
NYC_Gamer2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

It's coming and the hardware should provide developers better specs to play around with..There are things that studios just can't do on current consoles...Do you think Uncharted could have been done on PS2?the hardware would have held the game back...

Getowned2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

"I began to believe that maybe touchscreen games belonged on mobile devices and mobile devices only."

"Physical buttons has a much better response than that of a touchscreen, the player is never really sure if they hit the right “button” on a touchscreen as they would on controller."

I agree with this and I still think the controlers we use now are great and ideal for gaming, I wouldn't mind a redesign of the Dual Shock a more ergonomic shape, better battery life (not that its bad now), and etc. I don't really want touchscreens on my console's controlers, its just another gimmick like motion controlers. I hope this dosen't become the new norm IMO. I don't mind touchscreens on my phone for light gaming, but not for long hardcore sessions. To be honest I'm really skeptical on geting a Wii U after owning a Wii, I don't even play it any more and I didn't remember the last time I touched it, all it dose is collect dust and I don't want another dust collecter. Wii U's lauch games don't interest me and I already own most of them.I'm not hating, I'm just sayin.

Can't wait for PS4 and XB720 though, I really want to see what Naughty Dog and 343 will do with more freedoms with better specs on the Next Gen systems. Looking forward to Uncharted on the PS4 and Halo on the XB720. Maybe a new Metal Gear ? and will we ever see Half Life 3!!! X___X!