Rumour: Fable 2 Multiplayer Details to be Announced at GDC

Via John Kershaw of Ripten:

"With GDC just around the corner, the rumour mill is running at full speed. Normally most of these rumours turn out to be nothing more than falsities or let downs, but this one seems to be carrying some weight.

Fable 2 Multiplayer has been long rumoured, but will we finally be seeing some solid information and end to the speculation? Tips from key industry insiders are all indicating that Peter Molyneux will be announcing at next week's GDC that Fable 2 multiplayer will be coming, and giving us all some juicy information on the matter."

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3687d ago

cool if they really do have a 4 player co-op this would be a really good idea. i seems like MS is putting co-op into all of their first party games which is a good idea since it extends the life of a game. Banjo 3 will also have co-op according to rare.

TheHater3687d ago

Fable is my favorite Western RPG series. Fable don't seem to be the type of game that need multiplayer. They should just stick to the single player, and add the multiplayer later if people want it.

Bnet3433687d ago

co-op would be a most welcomed feature

sonarus3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

well depending on how you look at it some games really dnt need multiplayer but any extra content is well welcomed as long as its not taking off quality from the core game. i heard fable might not even comeout this yr. ????

real immature to jst disagree i still want to know if fable hits this yr or not.
thanks |

power of Green 3687d ago

The only release date info I'v heard are claims of mid year and a new one saying at the end of the year.

Boldy3687d ago

co-op would be ok, it's something that's not really needed but I'm sure there will be quite a few people that would want it.

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Ri0tSquad3687d ago

I'll be happy and multplayer is welcomed since I have tons of friends who plan on buying this.

Bnet3433687d ago

Hey Killzone 1 sucked and Killzone 2 is getting massive hype, why not this game?

TheHater3687d ago

Fable didn't suck. It just deliver on all the promise Lionhead studio made. But it is still one of the best Western RPG to date.

Ri0tSquad3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I never said I didn't like it (FirstKnight) and when I said I hope its better then the first one, I meant it in a way we all hope games improve over its predecessors, not in a way where I thought it sucked or something. I have nothing against this game, it's one of my favorite RPGs, relax. Again, who doesn't want it to get better then it already is?

Oh yeah, what about Killzone? Ha.

mikeslemonade3687d ago

Killzone 2 development team is way larger than Killzone 1 and they're investing a lot more money. Fable 2 is the same core group with higher ambitions. They didn't get the single player right in the first so they should just focus on the single player here in Fable 2.

socomnick3687d ago

Mike so a big development team = a good game *cough* Lair *cough*

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FirstknighT3687d ago

As long as its better than the first game???

If you didn't like the single player in Fable than you clearly don't like games.

power of Green 3687d ago

Fable was the last game I was playing for Xbox before I joined a fire crew some years back, Got rid of the Xbox and Fable, now I'm currently finishing the title through Xbox Originals.

Need Audio dialogue with ingame charactors in part two.

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