102 Confirmed PS3 Games.

The list is pretty huge giving us a good idea of what kind of games to expect, this might lead to some speculations.

For instance BB is now confirmed to be Blaz-Blue a 2D fighting game by Arc Systems.

Surprisingly there are a number of games listed that may catch your attention, for example what kind of game is Tecmo developing for the PS3? It's an Action Adventure game... Ninja Gaiden 3? Or will PS3 owners see their own game being made exclusively?

Check out what Konami is developing, its not Metal Gear but a different kind of Untitled Action Game, and what is this new Untitled RPG Game?

Take a closer look at the list to see some more Wow's

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TheHater3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Why does that list have games that is already out. I notice DMC 4, Genji 2, The Eye of the Judgment, and some others. And that is kinda lame, because if you go to or some other game website, and just look at release dates, you will see a lot more games that are on this list.

Edit: Where is the new Naruto game, DBZ game. Why is Project Assassin there? Project Assassin is Assassin Creed. Why isn't Level 5 games on that list? Where is Killzone 2, Infamous, White Knight Story, Little Big Planet, and Resistance 2? This list is lame.

she00win993716d ago

i think they're all exclusive games in japan

Jinxstar3716d ago

I agree except Project Assassin might be the 2nd or 3rd part of the trilogy. Just might be...

GrimWarrior3716d ago

It's like we're back to the year 2006!!! Wake up!!
That's NOT a professional article..
And where is MGS4?!?!

TheHater3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

If this is an exclusive list of Japan. Then where is White Knight Story, MGS4, The new Armor Core game, Yakuza 3, Dark Void, Afro Samurai, and Eternal Sonata?

No Project Assassin is Assassin Creed. AC is already release, so you would think that the write would put AC 2 or something.

thedude176553716d ago

@the hater
the list did have armored core on it.

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Mercutio3717d ago

but, didn't the article say confirmed, meaning coming for sure.

By the way, i just finished reading the article and it looks like they focused on the untitled games, like what the hell is Tecmo making for the Ps3, and what the hell is konami making.

Euphrate3717d ago

If you actually read the article it says that they had a look at the games that were UNTITLED games from key developers.

c'mon guys this is N4G, read the articles before bashing it ^^

TheHater3717d ago

I read the article, and look at the list. this is crap.

heyheyhey3717d ago

oh yeah?? so how come it had alone in the dark and armored core 4 in the list?

mintaro3716d ago

armoured core 4 was garbage

Iron Man 23717d ago

The list is a mess,many of the PS3 games on the list are already out,and the list is missing a TON of confirmed PS3 games including Resistance 2,Killzone 2,LBP and others,don't approve this news article,report it!;)

TheHater3716d ago

I agree where is that game. Consider that this game as surface again over the pass several weeks

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