Grand Theft Auto 5 Revved Up For A Grand Performance!

SegmentNext - "Over ten years ago, a game came by that shook up the entire entertainment industry. It changed the tunes many game companies were singing."

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claud32193d ago

Very nice read indeed... agree

CaptainYesterday2192d ago

Can't wait! I'm curious if Grand Theft Auto 5 will have DLC similar to The Ballad of Gay Tony/The Lost and Damned. I really enjoyed The Ballad of Gay Tony/Lost and Damned, loved the club scene of TBOGT and being part of a gang in Lost and Damned. But since there is 3 characters already maybe adding more characters would be too much? It's Rockstar so who knows what they have planned! Speaking of the 3 characters I need to know more, for example can we play as just one throughout the whole game? Or if we play as one can other people play as the other two online?