GTA IV Spotlight; Ironman & Lightning McQueen invade Liberty City

DSOGaming writes: "Jonathan Gustafsson, on the other hand, has informed us about two new mods for GTA IV, with which both Ironman and Lightning McQueen are introduced to Rockstar’s sandbox game. Although the Lightning Mcqueen mod is cool, the highlight is the Ironman mod, as players will be able to use hand and chest repulsor beams, as well as fly around thanks to Ironman’s jet boots."

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Unztayble1800d ago

Ironman mod looks cool while flying.

OneAboveAll1800d ago

Ha! Nice. With more polish the Iron-Man mod would be GREAT! :D

Bounkass1800d ago

Where's Lightning McQueen?

iamnsuperman1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Look in the article. There are three videos in the actual post

Deku-Johnny1799d ago

That must have taken a long time to write.

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