PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Jak and Daxter

November 16, 2012 Written by Sebastian Moss

Just like Daily Reaction‘s awesome hero and annoying sidekick, Jak and Daxter form one of the most beloved duos in PlayStation history, so today we give them a special look with our PS All-Stars Battle Royale character bio.

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CaptainSheep2219d ago

Jak is awesome. One of the most badass character on the roster, in my opinion. :D

Jinkies2219d ago

They ruined him in this with that new voice actor, he sounds lame.

Mike Erwin couldn't of been that busy

Axecution2218d ago

According to imdb Mike Irwin did the voice

Jinkies2218d ago

It's wrong, Josh Keaton did the voice the one who was in the spin off PSP Jak game

nevin12218d ago

Just exactly why Jak and Daxter/Rachtet and Clank not their own characters?

Sike2218d ago

1 playable character per franchise. The only exception so far is Good Cole and Evil Cole, because Sucker Punch wanted them both, or none at all.